Can we please start using the forum properly

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  • Is there any chance we can use this forum as it is supposed to be used.

    To talk about baking Issues, not how many Issues or when Issues sent out or any other Issues that are covered in FAQ area, or in earlier posts.

    I am sure I am not alone in wanting this, I want to talk recipes, and I will hopefully be posting pics soon of the nice things I have done.

    Like this post to subscribe to the topic.
  • I totally agree with you!! I come on here to look at everyone's cake pictures and for tips and ideas but it's just flooded with the same old questions and complaints. If they need help they should Pm the customer service. x

  • What has really bothered me recently on the forums are people posting about other "better" magazines. This magazine is for people to start and gain the basic skills, as the magazine says itself, if you don't like the content then you go buy the "better" magazine but for others, like myself, I'm a beginner so this magazine is great.

    If you already are a budding decorator then it's clear that this basic magazine won't suit your needs, and people need to stop complaining about it and stop putting other beginners off due to their skills.

    I came on forums to learn some new tips and skills, but have found better in another group that I've joined. I understand its frustrating that customer services are slow but can you imagine the amount of nagging people on your back? I think you'd get annoyed to, they are only humans.

    We can't sort out the majority of peoples problems and the only way to find out when your next one is coming is to check your account or PM customer services.

    I'm with you Peter :) forums for fun not moans xxx

  • Yeah I agree with you Tania, it's not right them advertising different magazines on here. I love this magazine it has lovely recipes in it, great tips, a good price and the gifts you get with it are really nice as well. I don't mind waiting a little longer for it as there are plenty of things to do in the other ones. x

  • I am not an expert, I have worked in a bakers in the past and I want to get back into decorating cakes .. I like the magazine.

    The Recipes and ideas that it has given me, and others on this forum is good.

    I have been using the free gifts with the magazine, and Im now looking at a Jubilee themed BBQ with family.

    There is also some cake Recipes I have got from People on here I am going to have a go at, that is what a forum should be about .

    People having Fun doing what they Love and Enjoy. xxx

  • I love the magazine, the ideas in it are great and dont often take a long time to do. The definately spark a lot of ideas in every magazine and Im always excited about the next one :)

    I hope that the complaining soon stops so I can get more great ideas off other people xxx

    Your BBQ idea sounds fab Peter, you going to use some of the designs from the mag?

  • Yes I am Looking at the Crown cookies, the small square fancies along with a smaller version of the bunting cake.

    I also want to try a recipe that I got on here .. Orange cupcakes, it sounds so delicious.

    I am also still looking at the Jubilee Magazine, as I got Issue 9 and the Jubilee magazine on the same day.

    The Chocolate fudge cake looks nice too .. so much to do, where do I start ... lol

  • Sounds great :) it'll certainly keep you busy lol

    I personally like the orange cupcakes with lemon butter cream, make your normal butter cream and just add the lemon zest in. I like a bit of zesty cake lol

    It's great to know other people appreciate the magazine like I do, it's given me a little buzz for baking.

    Can happily say my replacement for issue 5 has literally just come :) shows they do do what they say lol just waiting on the big load now

  • ditto all u have said

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion and yes, I do get tired of seeing some annoying questions and people trying to promote other mags, people who are just far too lazy to look for info themselves etc. BUT, we have no right to say how the forum should be used as it is a public forum 'My Cake Decorating' have not posted any forum rules so it's basically and 'everything goes' forum. I personally prefer this magazine and that is why I continue to buy it.

  • Hi Karen the thing is the forum is getting clogged up with the same Qs asked about 5 times and it gets really monotanous when you come on here and read the same things this forum is not just for that.

    you have Frequently asked Questions and email, it would be good if they looked there first,

    How many posts about the binders do we Really need.

  • I know Peter, that really gets on my nerves too about how lazy people can be. I was merely saying there is no specific use for the forum until My Cake Decorating sets up some rules or guidelines. :)

  • well great for you guys, I haven't yet had my mags so cannot comment on how great they are. Nor can I post up pictures etc of stuff made from mags as haven't yet had them! Not my fault, I am not lazy, I telephone the head office call centre every day (at cost - not free) I check my account daily, message and e-mail them to no avail. I still have had money taken and still had no delivery so NO i am not happy! Great for you that you are but we are free to observe our thoughts as well!

  • i agree jayen great for them that are getting the service , iv only had 1 and 2 issues none since even though money is going out my accout iv rang c.s lots of times emailed and had them answers only to be told your get them ........BY THE TIME I GET THE SPECIAL JUBLIEE ISSUE IT WILL ALL BE OVER!!!! id rather have got them from my local shop .A question to them above would you walk in to a shop pay for something and not recieve it !!! with out moaning !!!!!!!!!!!!! just been on the phone for 25 mins with the promise that someone will ring me back!!!!! yes iv been here before after every call a promise to ring me had have they yet NO !

  • Jayne do you leave you subscriber number when pming or putting a complaint customer service thing? Fair enough if your not getting them and they are taking money out your bank .. moan all you want but they are not going to answer any one over the forum. They will only answer over pm and and the customer service thing. x

  • jade you dont even get an answer from customer service they dont seem to understand or they promise to send out issues in 12 - 14 days i rang after 14 days to be told you have to wait another 12 -14 days the jubliee will be over by then ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, iv also emailed them to which they say yes in 14 days your get your issues its now 22 days and still nothing ,,,,,,,,,, im contacting trading standards ,,,,,,,,,,,, would you pay for things you dont get? no i dont think so!!

  • No of course I wouldn't pay for things I didn't receive but I also wouldn't moan about it all over the forum. I would try and solve it between My cake decorating and me. On the customer service tab they have replied to just about all of the questions they have gotten. But you must leave you name and subscriber number in your post. I hope you get this problem sorted out soon. x

  • i have had issues and sympathise cs arent all that great but moaning here isnt going to change it. yes post once to let ppl no ur annoyed and see if its a common thing but there is no reason for ppl to keep on about it it doesnt solve the problem only communicating or trying to communicate with the compny is anything gonna get done. to imo stop wasting your breath here and use it to solve the issues your having.

  • You're better off cancelling you're subscription and getting it from the shops, that's what I did and haven't had any problems.

  • Well, a forum is for all, and yes I have posted a moan a couple of times, I have left my account number, I have phoned, I have rung them, etc all to no avail! Still no mags etc. However I am glad that you, Peter, Jade, Tanya and Carly have all had good service and are pleased with your items.

    I am astute enough to realise that posting on the forum will not gain me answers, only direct mailing will achieve that. however, there are many of us who feel frustrated, left out, unhappy etc and are just as entitled as you to voice our feelings!! there are no 'rules' for the forum, if you belong to other forums you will find a proportion of correspondents that 'moan' to use your rather disparaging remark. They are not 'moans' they are voiced opinions and thoughts, just as yours are. At least ours are not directed personally at YOU!!!! perhaps you should concentrate as you so keenly observed - on cakes!

  • Hello all I am not directing any blame at anyone .. all I was asking was people look on here before posting another post, that has been posted on here on more than one occassion.

    I hope you all get your problems sorted in the not to distant future, and we can all get back to what we all enjoy.

  • to be honest it was the title 'Can we start using the forum properly' that grated! I notice that you still, more than a week later, have not posted any pictures of your cakes! Have you made/decorated some yet? I presume that you are one of the fortunates who has received the Jubilee Special issue. How have you found it and its content? I'd love to get it but am not going to spend more in the local shop as mine 'are in the postal system' poor old Royal Mail they can't do right for wrong!!

    So we await your pictures!

  • I haven't baked in a while as i've been ill or too busy but planning on making some this weekend, so I will be putting some picture of mine and my boyfriends jubilee tea party. I have enjoyed reading through them though to learn new things. Also I have been keeping a little dairy of the ideas I have for cakes and decorations which I can come back to at any times. You don't need all the magazines to be able to bake.

    The jubilee issue does seem quite good and the items are cute that comes with it. I hope you receive it soon Jayne :).

  • That's a great idea Jade making lil notes or diagrams, I may follow suit on that one :) I too plan to get busy this weekend as I finally finish college so will have hours and hours to bake to my hearts content!

    @Jayne: I have had a few problems with missing items and find if I place a PM on facebook or their tab and leave my sub number within the first message stating clearly and simply what I want they seem to do it fine, I think maybe they aren't English. That or they have very small scripts to follow hence why some people aren't replied to. Hope this helps :)

  • I just lay in bed at night and just come up with the most random ideas lol. I've got some Halloween idea's in there, which I know I would forget when it comes to it. I'm soon going to get myself a scrap book, so I put any recipes, idea's and diagrams in there. Once I have made them I can stick a photographs in there :). x

  • Next you'll have your own book Jade! lol xxx Great idea though, a lil scrappy with your recipe, your base idea and then your final snap, be a beautiful reminder of your progress :)

  • Hi Jayne I will be posting pictures when I have taken a few .. I do have the Jubilee edition, but it is not easy juggling work and get quality time to bake cakes. I have got Issue 11 now and there are some good things in there too, my list is getting longer ... lol

    I used to work in a bakery and i enjoy baking, and i have done a cake decorating course .. I have got some good tips from people and I have posted a couple of web-sites for people.

    I do understand everyones upset and I hope you all get things sorted soon.

    I don't come on here as much as I used to, but hopefully that will change .. :)

  • Hi everyone. I'm one of the fortunate ones who has received all their magazines on time with all the free gifts attached. I feel very sorry for the people who have had problems with theirs. I think it's a good idea that they print their opinions on here, as it warns other people of problems they are having and then they get to know that they are not having problems on their own. I would like to look at it as a review from customers, not moaning. Reviews have been very valuable to me in the past, and I wish them good luck in sorting things out.

  • Hi Lorraine and Peter, thanks for your responses. My jubilee set arrived on Wednesday the 6th!! still I did make some biscuits inspired by those we saw in Fortnum and mason in London over the jubilee w/e I drew the shapes on paper and used them as templates to cut out soldiers, crowns, ships and coaches. I used the sweet biscuit recipe in the magazine, it is a little sticky and on the short side but not too bad. Easy to cut and bakes well without any spreading and children and husband love the taste! Iced with the techniques from the mag so not too bad. will post pictures if I have time later. I agree Lorraine the reviews are so very valuable, although sometimes if they are super acid I take a pinch of sugar with them! Jayne

  • To be honest I wish I'd taken more notice of the reviews. I read them all a while ago and wasn't going to subscribe because of all the problems although I'd been itching to buy the mag. Then I read a post that asked if anyone was happy which had several responses so I decided to subscribe. Now, a month later and I'm still waiting for my "special delivery" issue one to be dispatched. Yes I've rang, emailed, pm'd, and contacted cs via their facebook app. I got a response on the app which promised my mag would be sent last week but it still hasn't been sent! I was supposed to be receiving my issues 4 & 5 next week according to the info I had when I subscribed

    I agree that it would be nice to see what everyone is creating and share tips (and maybe recipes for those of us that are paying for, but not getting, mags) but I can see why people are venting - and possibly hoping someone will reply or resolve their problems - and its understandable that some posts get acidic as people are frustrated.

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