banana honey cake issue 30 page 9

  • i followed the recipe and instructions and total disaster!!!! the recipe is wrong. there is far too much liquid. after checking other recipes online it appears that the quantity of milk must be wrong?

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  • Just seen this message and totally agree. I have put mine in the oven but don't want to look at it as I know it is going to be a disaster. Plus because of the amount of liquid there is no way it will fit in a 1lb loaf tin, I only just managed to fit it all in my 2lb tin!!

  • so glad I saw this post I was going to make this with a couple of over ripe bananas I have, now i'll just make the other banana bread recipe I have!

  • Hi Laura, I meant to update this to say that mine actucally turned out quite nicely. It was a little overdone on the top but will remember to rest baking parchment over the top during baking next time. The mixture was runnier than the picture in the magazine and it filled the larger loaf tin instead but was very tasty!

  • thanks julie, I will give it a try, it sounds yummy i'm glad it turned out well, good advice about the parchment on top, will have to remember that :)