Apricot Glaze.

  • Hey, need a little help. I want to make little square cakes with a rolled fondant, but i'm not sure how to go about it as I have never put rolled icing on a full cake yet. ( That's why I'm starting with little cakes )

    I am just wondering if you need to spread melted apricot glaze on the cake before putting the fondant on? Also where do you get the Apricot Glaze from? I have looked online but the postage is a little expensive, I have also looked in my local Tesco's which there is none :(. Do they sell it in Asdas? Or is it a specialist thing?

    Thank you for talking time in reading my post and hope you can help! :)

    x <3 x

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  • You need to put the glaze on first, and I have seen it in sainsburys in the cooking department, next to the flour. I prefer to use butter cream, then fondant as it works the same with regards to getting the fondant to stick to the cake x

  • I remember as a brownie lol, gently heating apricot jam before brushing onto digestives to put rolled fondant on them. Don't know if that will work for you? But I think most people apply thin layers of buttercream instead.

  • umm.... buttercream....

  • Hey thank you guys :). I wanted to try a rolled fondants just to practice. I haven't got a Sainsburys near me but I'm going to have a look up Asdas tomorrow. x

  • all apricot glaze is is melted apricot jam. a glaze is usually used when covering a fruit cake with marzipan then icing. for sponges a buttercream is used to cover the cake first. this is called crumb coating. smooth a thin layer over the entire cake then leave for a round 20 mins to half an hour in the fridge to dry then smooth another layer, slightly thicker, over the entire cake again and cover immediately with your rolled out fondant. dont roll it too thin or it will tear and cause air bubbles to form. x

  • Thank you Sharon :) I will try that when I make my little square cake things later. x

  • your welcome hun. just remember, if you are covering the cake with fondant after crumb coating the second layer, dont put too much butter cream on as it will get squished out the bottom with the weight of the fondant xx