• Has anyone tried to log in and find out their account has been closed ???

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  • I just logged in after I saw your post and had no problem, maybe try again and if you still have a problem call or email customer service

  • My account login is fine, too.

  • My log in was fine Sue but when I hadnt had any issues since early Oct I rang the call centre to ask about the delay to be informed that my subscription had been cancelled!! They said I had instructed them to cancel via message on facebook when I have never fb messaged them at all... they acknowledged their mistake but trying to get my missed issues is like banging my head against a brick wall!! Ive spoken to 4 different employees and 2 "managers", probably spent a fortune on the phone complaining and waited countless hours for "callbacks" all to no avail!! Currently awaiting my 4th promised callback, we shall see...

  • wouldn't it be easier to get them as back Issues .. going by what I have heard it would be quicker ... if they do eventually arrive send them back and get re-credited.

  • Ive had to ring back AGAIN and they said they are sending them and the top boss is ringing me tomorrow (I'll believe that when it happens). Then when they arrive I'm gonna call and pay them by card and probably get them from the shop from there onwards... The last issue I recieved was 29 and theyre up to 37 in the shops this week so I really see no point in subscribing anymore... We will see what they do tomorrow if this call actually happens...

  • i phoned up last week as had nothing for over two months thay said it was because it took 28 days for payments to clear????????????????? i said this was not good enough as shopes were now 10 issues ahead of me and asked to speek to a manager as she was like so what cant do anything about it but this other person was great he got the issues i was missing back ordered and then restarted my account from issue 40 so all that i have to do now is wait and see if they come fingeres crossed.

    i think its pot luck who you speek to some of them cant be bothered to help but there are some of them that are willing to help but thay do seam to be getting a lot of negative press about deliverys.