How to Flash SBF(.sbf) using RSDLite ?

  • What its RSD Lite? RSD Lite is a utility made by Motorola and is used to flash SBF's. SBF's are files made by motorola that contain an official rom and this tool allows you to flash that to your phone. You can only use this with SBF's because of the locked bootloader.

    First of all you will need to download and install RSD lite Download over here:


    Motorola_End_User_Driver_Installation_5.2.0_32bit. msi:

    Motorola_End_User_Driver_Installation_5.2.0_64bit. msi:

    This can be used to upgrade to different version of android to fix it if you brick your phone. It will wipe every thing on the phone!

    - Fist make sure your phone is well charged

    - If not then install Motorola drivers from the above link.

    - You will now need to download an sfb to flash. An updated list can be found here Over at XDA( ) (I would recommend checking the thread first to make sure its downgradable and save yourself lots of trouble)

    - Boot your phone into bootloader mode( hold volume up and power button) then plug it you pc with the usb

    - open rsd lite and click on the button to select file name and select your .sbf

    - It will now flash it and will reboot to the new firmware.

    Thats all...... Cheers ...

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  • Thanks a lot for the info. Please I want to upgrade my Defy from Android v2.2 to the official v2.3. Please any help? Waiting for your relply. Thanks.

  • hi....after i had try to flash the phone could not in to the bootloader mode....even to turn on then also cannot...plez help me....:-(