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  • Thank you Colleen!

  • Mapogos are making me sooooo nervous!!

  • Nottens Report on the Mapogos and the Kruger Males confrontation April 7, 2012:

    "What luck. Early in the morning we had heard lions making a big noise in the northern reaches of our reserve but weren’t to sure what was going on. Over the radio came the call that chaos was breaking out in the north. Lions were roaring all over the far north eastern corner of Notten’s. Male lions! The Kruger males were on the prowl. We believe they had made contact with the last two remaining Mapogo males. Roaring carried on and on. We are not too sure if the Eyrefield/Sparta males with Solo were involved but calls of male lions came from all angles. We think the Mapogo were involved in contact with the Kruger males. What was for sure is that the two Kruger males looked large and powerful and full of confidence. They were true male lions today and not sleeping giants. They defended their territory and the Southern pride had time to slip away undetected by other male lions. What a morning, we were so caught up with all the lion action that the time flew past and the drive was nearly over before we knew it. We later found a large herd of wildebeest, zebra and impala calmly feeding, oblivious to the lion politics just over the hill. The pride all look very fit and healthy lately, they ran around and had great games in the cool of the morning. Even the older lioness with the floppy ear got in with the games of the cubs."

  • Just reported the last half hour:

    Posted on Sabi Sabi FB page. Richard De Gouveia "Guys and girls, I have a further update on the story! Solo and the sparta males have sent the mapogos scrabbling even further north into the sands! Both males are alive but they have a lot of coalitions gunning for them at the moment!"

  • Please get out of there!!! My heart can't take this.

  • Peter Rettig :

    Well, just trying to get some orientation on areas. The spot where the Mapogos have been "confronted" with other males (possibly 3 of the Majingilanes) was in the far south-easern corner of Londolozi. The the Mapogos probably moved south into Sabi Sabi (north of Umkumbe, or south of Umkumbe?), probably running into the KNP males. Those chased them back north (obviously not into Londolozi) back into Sabi Sabi north of Umkumbe. And here they got detected by the Solo Gang and got chased even further north, north-west probably. So they are in south-west Londolozi or in southern Singita even.

    Southern Singita is also not occupied by any other males, albeit it might be the 2 young Ottawa Males are on vacation there, which would be a good add. to the veterans in defending a new turf for retirement.​south-africa-map/​kruger-park-map/​sabi-sands-map/

  • This just in from Richard De Gouveia about 30 minutes ago. "They have already moved through dudley!!"

    And if wondering where Dudley is. It apparently is private land not on the maps. Sits between Nottens and Londolozi just west of MalaMala border.

  • Thanks for all the info!

  • Posting by Adam Bannister (2 hours ago)

    Okay are you all ready for this.You will love this!!! Lion viewing is mad here at Londolozi of late. morning update as been difficult to piece together, the animals have been in long grass and have thus been hard to 100% ID but here is my play of things.... tsalala 6 found in the north minding own business. 2 majingilane (scar nose and golden mane) in our open areas, 5km away to the east 2 majingilane (dark mane and hip-scar), 2km south sparta pride lionesses times 2 with 2 of their yougsters, south of that by 2km 4 lioneses (unknown) with a giraffe kill and breathe deeply two males whom after serious id work we BELIEVE to be the mapogo feeding on the same meat. then down in our sw we have one lioness (unknown) feeding on a waterbuck kill with breathe deeply one male again this time we BELIEVE to be a KNP male as he apparently had a big limp. MADNESS. Now i only saw majingilane so im going on others pictures and observations. will keep posted but as it stands this is heating up for action. Ho many times have we seen blood spilt over large carcasses be they giraffe and/or buffalo. So lion group...who is the male in the SW? Who are the lioneses and are they the Mapogo??? Drum Roll..something must go down!

  • Wow....Things are getting really crazy. I don't even know what to expect or hope for at this point.

  • I agree Julie! I have a certain amount of stress all of the time concerning the situation.

  • (4/13/2012) Adam Bannister:

    Incredible. mapogo males are now in the very SW of Londoz. very close to where they killed the buffalo some days ago. this is the 'vacuum' area that i think exists between majingi, selati and KNP. Its a tiny area..a small clearing with no lionesses and very few animals. may try head there this afternoon.

  • Wow Pamela! Thanks for the info!

  • Adam Bannister (April 17th):

    ‎2 mapogo are in singita just west of londoz bounday

  • Adam Bannister (posted 4/23/2012):

    2 mapogo last night on boundary between singita and londoz. 4 southern males this am on boundary between exeter and singita. othawa pride and ximungwe pride somewhere in singita last night. 4 breakaway tsalalas in singita too last night. 1 sparta with 2 older cubs in central londoz this am. 4 sparta with the 3 brand new ones (my first view of them) this am. Still the core Tsalala pride evade us and no sign of majingi..most probably east or north of us...that accounts for most of lions in SS :) over and out

  • Thanks Pamela and Adam!

  • Singita (4/24/2012):

    We have two of the Mapogos on our property at present. The one is looking particularly beaten and battered and not moving very long distances at this stage. Knowing how tough male lions can be, I’m convinced he will bounce back. One of our guides sat with them last night hoping they would head out hunting or possibly vocalize but unfortunately neither options materialized. They are looking thin and need to hunt/feed soon! Gut feel suggests that they won’t be vocalizing too regularly either and giving their position away as the younger males are still hanging around. (Mark Broodryk - Head Guide, Singita Sabi Sand, South Africa)

  • This is recent, but not sure of the exact date. The boys are looking good!

  • I have been thinking and wondering about these guys.....Wonder if we will hear more news or if they will stay in KNP...