Yelling and Chanting

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  • Are there any rules in the 9 to 12 year old range against yelling and chanting while a pitcher is pitching?

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  • Jackie - This was answered in the discussion on "Chatter" in the Discussion Board, and it applies to all divisions. Rule 4.06 restricts participants' behavior by prohibiting them from referring to or reflecting on the opposing players. Whether the specific wording of the chatter violates this rule is up to the interpretation of the umpire in that game.

  • Jackie- I am not sure where you or your league stand on this issue, i have to say the girls seem to enjoy theyre songs/chants...but that being said I dont really care for the yelling allll gaaame looong. i think its bordering on bad sportsmanship sometimes. i have personally handled this by sitting my girls down and explaining that a continual sounding song or chant that is a cheer for the batter is ok, but screaming upon the release of the pitch, or somehow putting down the pitcher is not nice. really, just that simple...Its not nice. And regardless of what others may do in softball, or in life we must have our own internal compass and try to be thoughtful , encouraging of others and just plain nice,,,, while we kick their butts LOL ! I think our job as coaches, is a little more than simply teaching hitting and sliding. Be a mentor. Not one of my girls didnt understand what i was saying and so we chose some chants and cheers that were appropriate, and all chanting stops if a pitcher is really struggling.

  • Well said Michele!

  • I agree, well said.

  • We want a pitcher not a belly itcher! Hey batter batter, swing!

    The 70's were sure a fun time to play baseball because we got to chatter the entire game, it was fun, you knew the other team would do the same to you, and you accepted it.

  • I don't like it, and don't allow my kids to do it. We cheer for our team, not against the other.

  • Good policy Vincent.

  • I umpire softball at all levels and I have to say the energy level is incredible! I love the chants and encouragement those team mates give each other. Too many baseball games end up sounding like the crowd at the 5th green at the Master's.

  • Try coaching from the dugout at any fast pitch game, take some advil, play ball!

  • I think I have a pretty good example to share.

    Along with being President of a local league, I am also an ADA for our district. Last year, our district was hosting a 9-10 baseball sectional tournament (5 district winners with the section winner going to the state final four).

    The visiting team dugout and their fans (parents) were very vocal thru the top of the first inning even when the pitcher was in his motion. Naturally, when the home team came up to bat in the bottom half, the chatter escalulated - became louder and and longer thru the pitching motion.

    I remember the DA and the other ADA with me there looking at each other during that inning and thinking "this is going to keep escalulating until a very bad situation arises.

    After the first inning, I brought both managers together at home platewith the home plate umpire and we had a little discussion about etiquette and pointed out that we didn't like where all this "chatter" was going. When the kids cooled down, so did the parents and it turned into a wonderful game.

    Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the umpire(s) to decide what is appropriate and what isn't.

  • I just want to be clear on entered the field of play to discuss this matter with the umpires and managers after the game had started? Oh, my. Was the Umpire in Chief of the game requesting this? I think you were treading on dangerous ground here. While it might have been bothering you and your compatriot, the responsibility for the tone of the game rests with the umpires. At the Section level it can only be assumed you had more experienced blues out there. If you had done that in a game I was umpiring it may not have gone so well.

  • Yes - the PU came over to us, first during the half inning, and after the 1st inning was complete. We concurred with the umpire's opinion that it was getting a bit out of control.

    It was a group effort.

  • Jackie -

    Im not 100% sure if this is a rule or not, but in our area (Western Burbs of Chicago) the standard practice is chatter is allowed but the tone/pitch/volume must be consistent throughout the pitch. For example if they start chattering and then raise their voices to a yelling level during the pitchers delivery the umpires will usually talk to the other coaches.

    I will say that somewhere around 12U (baseball) the chatter / yelling usually stops.

  • @ Dave - That was a good way to handle it. An umpire must not be reluctant to enlist the help of other umpires and league/tournament officials to maintain order when such assistance can be of help.

    @ Joe - That would be a local rule for a local league, which is perfectly fine. It would be impractical (if not impossible) to enact such a rule on a larger basis.

  • Thanks, Dave. That wasn't apparent in the first post. Makes perfect sense to get things under control the way you describe after the situation started getting rough.

  • I teach my nephew that if you're pitching and the other team is trying to psych you out by chanting, bean each one of them in the jaw...that'd shut them up!

  • Nice Imaad. Do you realize that if your nephew does break someone's jaw, you could be charge for assault?

    Please tell me you were kidding.

  • Of course i'm kidding. I just tell him to wait until football season where he can get them back legally, on the field by laying them out in practice.

  • That's better :)

  • I was at a Minors softball game today where the home team provided no umpires, so I and 2 of the parents from our team acted as umpires. I wish I'd had a rule book with me so I could have cited 4.06. Any time one of the home players stole a base, they chanted an obnoxious little ditty:

    She stole on you.

    She stole on you.

    While you were playing with your hair, she was already there.

    She stole on you.

  • Its amazing...I never hear chanting in any other youth sport.

  • Ted- the girls LOVE their chants- It psyches them up- keeps them having fun, There is no rule about this chanting, the only rule is about screaming on release of the pitch as a distraction.. ...

  • Watch the college World Series on ESPN. The softball players do it in college as well.

  • In the second post of this thread, LLB&S says that "Rule 4.06 restricts participants' behavior by prohibiting them from referring to or reflecting on the opposing players." Wouldn't the "she stole on you" chant be considered "referring to or reflecting on the opposing players"?

  • @ Ted - It very well could, if the umpire in that game decided it did. But as Michele said above, and as Imaad found amazing, it's fairly common in girls softball.

    Keep in mind, the intent of the rule is to prevent the participants from saying something really nasty in order to shake someone up, or potentially leading to violence. Many umpires would let such a chant go unless the opposing team complained.

  • How about we teach kids to be quiet, or cheer positively, and to keep their heads in the game.

  • Orr wait until football season. ;)

    I think a vast majority of coaches do exactly that. Like many things, it's the 1% that give the other 99% a black eye.

  • Having umpired for years in fast pitch, HS and little league baseball and softball, I rely on the interference, obstruction and the sportsmanship rules. If a team wants to chatter and cheer all the way through the game, or through any other period of time, I have no problem with it. However, if the cheers either get derogatory (not the "she stole on you" chant, but something nasty) or if the volume changes at the time of the pitch (for offensive team cheers) or as the pitch approaches (for defensive team cheers), then I give a warning to the teams, citing the rules stated above.

  • Wow as I read thru this I am amazed that there is a rule to this. Or LL is out of control when it comes to following rules and the people in "charge" are just on a power kick. We had one team that screeched the whole time the pitcher was pitching and right before the pitcher would release the ball the screeches would get worse! It threw off almost all the pitchers. Not once did an ump say a word about the heckling. Not to mention the President of our League was there for most of the games and never did anything. There was also complaints from the other coaches to the President and still nothing was done. There was teams that wanted to refuse to play them but because there were kids on the team that wanted to playing All-star that was not possible cuz of the rule of playing 12 games. Of course this is the same President that allowed a 7yr old to play in one of his fathers Majors game while one of the original plays sat the bench for 3 innings!

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