Waiver Clarification IId and Special

  • We started registration this weekend and have a number of returning IId waivers and one speical waiver.

    My question is do I have to resubmit waivers for 2011 or do we just hang-on to the waivers approved in 2010 and reproduce as necessary?

    Today I just stapled waiver forms for 2011 over last years waiver packets.


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  • You need to resubmit the waivers every year.

  • @Tom. Thanks that's what I thought. Another league's officer told me they were good forever, but that didn't sound right.

    Appreciate the feedback.


  • Regulation II(d) states that this process is "only required ONCE during a participant's career." Page 29 of the rule book.

  • I'll look it up, the form itself doesn't indicate and I hate to say it we just purged our storage unit of all 2010 rule books/handbooks in anticipation of the 2011 ones coming out. I have one at home I'll re-read tonight.

    Thank you Mark.


  • @ All - Mark is correct. The process is required only once. As long as the conditions of the waiver do not change (a change, for instance, would be if the player does not play for one year), and as long as the information is valid, the original form is good througout the player's "career" in Little League.

  • I stand corrected. I remember the rule as it USED to be, it was changed in the last couple years if I remember correctly. I am getting up there in age and these rules do slip my memory from time to time, lol.

  • Rodney said "We started registration this weekend and have a number of returning IId waivers and one speical waiver."

    II(d) and IV(h) Waivers only have to be done once (good until "service is broken).

    Other Waivers (eg: "Special / Out-Of-Boundary Player Waivers") need to be re-submitted every year.

  • Is there a special form that needs to be submitted for a waiver. I have a player that needs this because he has been playing for our league since he was 5 and now 13 wants to continue playing with us. Thanks,

  • @ Alex - If the player qualifies under Regulation II (d) or Regulation IV (h), the forms are available on the Little League web site. You would need to review those regulations in the rule books to know if the player qualifies.

    If the player does not qualify under either of those regulations, the local league would need to follow the Charter Committee Waiver process that is detailed on Page 15 of the rule books.

    Without a waiver, NO player can partcipate in a particula local Little League during the Regular Season OR Tournament play if that player's parents do not have a residence (as defined by Little League) inside of the boundaries of the league in question.

  • Where can I find info about Regulation II (d) or Regulation IV (h). Thank you for the quick response.

  • @ Alex - Both are in the rule books, on page 15. They are very detailed, but briefly, the player himself/herself must have lived inside the boundaries of the league while they played in the league (then moved out) and did not break service; or the parent must have lived inside the boundaries of the league for at least two years -- and the parent was a manager, coach or board member of the league during those two years -- then moved out of the boundaries but maintained their volunteer position as a manager, coach or board member since then.

  • I found Regulation II (d) or Regulation IV (h) online. I still don't know how this kid will fall under. He has played T-ball, and Minors with my league. He didn't play Majors with us when he was 12 and tried a different baseball league (not little league), now he wants to return for his Junior Season. He lived within our league jurisdiction when he played in T-ball, then he moved out of our district when he was in the minors division. He is 13 now and his parents want him to play for my league. What do you suggest we do to grant him permission to play with our league.

  • @ Alex - As noted in Regulation II (d), if the player lived within the boundaries of the league, then moved out, but did not break service to the league, the player could be retained using a Regulation II (d) waiver form. The local league President must complete the form, which is available at www.littleleague.org

  • Alex: Well, since he "broke service" with your league and he no longer lives within the boundaries of your league you need to apply for an "Out-Of-Boundary" Waiver (he no longer qualifies under II(d) or IV(h)).


    The Parents write a letter explaining/justifying why he should be allowed to play in your league.

    Your President (with approval of the BOD) write a letter asking for permission to have the player play in your league.

    The President of the league in which the player does reside writes a letter approving or denying the request that the player play in your league.

    The Three Letters go to the DA (only two letters if the area where the player resides is not within the boundary of another league).

    The DA writes a letter giving his/her recommendation.

    All the letters get forwarded to the Region and ultimately Williamsport where the request will be approved or denied. If approved, it could be for Regular Season Only or for Full Participation (Regular Season and Tournament Play).

    The player should NOT be allowed to participate in your league until the Waiver process is completed.

  • @ Louise and @ Little League

    thank you very much for your help.

  • One question, we have a player that has been playing for our league for the last 4 years with an out of boundary waiver; however, now that he's in the Junior Division, the LL Boundary he's in does not have that level of play. In that case, does he need a waiver still?

  • @Linh, what kind of waiver does the player have? If it is a II(d) waiver, which means he used to live in your boundaries when he started playing LL but then moved awyay he doesn't need to resubmit a waiver to play every year. As long as he continues to play LL every season, he's good to go. Once he misses a season, he is no longer eligible for a II(d) waiver.

    If, however, he has been playing in the league under a true out-of-boundary waiver, which means he never lived in your league's boundaries but wanted to play in your league, then a waiver is required every year. And just because the league where he lives doesn't have a Juniors program, that doesn't give him carte blanche to sign up and play in your league. He still needs a waiver.

    The other option is for his league to agree to have a Juniors program under a combined league option. I believe that would allow anybody in his league who wants to play Juniors to join your league without having to apply for a waiver. We tried to do that with another league in our district that doesn't have a Juniors program. But it requires the other league to charter for Juniors, and they didn't want to pay the extra bucks for it.

  • I have 2 softball players who want to join my league. There is no little league where they live and wonder what forms do they need?

  • @Roland, you need to contact your district administrator and get him/her to send you a copy of the Out-of-Boundary waiver request form. It's not an official LL form (at least you won't find one on their website), so perhaps your district has one.

    Here's a similar form from a district in Florida. You may be able to use it if your DA allows.


  • Manny.... there is actually a form circulating for out of bounds waivers. I thought it was called an "RSO" for regular season only, although maybe that is only circulated AFTER Charter Committee rules on the request.

    LLHQ.... maybe a suggestion in that we shouldn't call II(d) and IV(h) "waivers" anymore, rather refer to them as regulation "claims" since they in theory only need to be filed one time... but our true "waivers" that are not covered under II(d) or IV(h) need to be filed annually? In semantics, a claim can be made by a regulation, needs to be done only once and needs no other league's validation, whereas a waiver could (potentially) need multiple parties' involvement and always must be done on an annual basis.

    Just seems like this could get more and more confusing since it seems Charter Committee has extended more "waivers" over the last several years than it did in the past.

  • i have a question re: the new school boundary rule that I am trying to get clarification on. We moved a couple of years ago and According to where we live now and the public school we are zoned for my son would be allowed to play in the little league where all his neighbors and some classmates play. We chose to send him to a private school and that puts him in another little league. I don't think we should be penalized for sending him to private school. so is it an option for him to play in the little league where his public school is zoned for even though he doesn't attend there? He just wants to play ball with the neighborhood kids. Any feedback would be appreciated



  • I have 3 softball players league age 12 who received "waivers" to play up in the Senior Softball level (13-16). They played all season at that level - now with all stars coming up can they play in the 13-16 All Star age bracket since that is where their waiver allowed them to play?

  • I have 3 softball players league age 12 who received "waivers" to play up in the Senior Softball level (13-16). They played all season at that level - now with all stars coming up can they play in the 13-16 All Star age bracket since that is where their waiver allowed them to play?