Release of name early.

  • This years board is taking a bunch of crap for following the release of name rule for All-Stars, it's a rule that our district does not make leagues follow....I'm telling people that it's flat out cheating....I'm going to link this thread to a few people in our league.....Can you guys please give your opinion on following this rule.

    Thanks for your time.

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  • They risk their charter for releasing names early. That would mean the DA follows up.

    Yes it is considered cheating to release the names early.

  • Our league likes to have closing ceremonies on Saturday, I think a great rule change would be if Saturday doesn't fall on the 15th we should be able to release names on the first Saturday other leagues release names at closing ceremonies and what day does your league like to have closing ceremonies on?

  • IMO, it's better not to release names with everyone in attendance. The reasons should be obvious.

    And it's either stupid, or ignorant (or a combination of both) to release the names early because someone is bound to rat you out. It'll be either your cross town rival, or some parent of a kid who didn't make the team.

  • I agree 100% with you....I'm not a fan of releasing names at closing ceremonies for a number of reasons but I'm in the minority.