Player Discipline and process

  • I have a situation that I would like some thoughts on how to handle. 2 players (both 12) on my team at the end of my practice started rough housing with another player (younger 11yr old). I saw them and broke them up... talked to the to older boys and thought that was the end of it. The younger boy's parents decided to take there son out of little league. I hate for this to happen... I know the parents of the to older kids have reach out to the younger have i.

    My question is what type of punishment should be given out... is there a process of investigation that needs to be done...


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  • @ James - The process is within your own local league's Constitution. It spells out the procedure for disciplining a player.

    Little League does provide a Model Constitution. If your league uses this model, the Board of Directors would need to convene a hearing, and allow the player(s) to appear, with their parents. The players' manager and coaches could "testify" too, plus anyone else who has knowledge of the incident. The "charges" would be read, and the players would have the opportunity to respond.

    (A committee of a few Board members could be convened to do this instead, so it's not so much like a trial. But that decision would be the Board's.)

    The Board would then vote on an disciplinary action it feels is necessary. That could range from doing nothing, to suspension for a number of games, to dismissal from the league, or anything in between.

  • please further define 'rough housing'...also, what measures did you have to take to 'break them up'...was it simply a verbal 'knock it off' or did it require you to physically defend the younger player??

  • knock it off... no malice intent.. just kid stuff..

  • to state the obvious, what an unfortunate we all know, kids (& their parents) come in all shapes, sizes and varying degrees of sensitivity...however, as the parents apparently perceive this incident as bullying, the incident should be further investigated...tough call on disciplinary measures, but again, the end result appears to be a young man no longer partaking in a wonderful the very least, maybe consider requiring the 12-year olds to hand-write letters of apology to the younger player...

  • If we want to put a disciplinary clause in our constitution, how do we go about doing this? Or is this the same thing?