Pinch Runner Rules

  • What are the rules for pinch runners during tournament play..9/10yr olds? I was told there is also a difference between pinch runner or special pinch runner per inning?????

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  • There is a definite difference between a "pinch runner" and a "Special Pinch Runner. A "pinch runner" is actually a substitute for the player you're taking off the base.

    A "Special Pinch Runner" (Rule 7.14) must be a player not currently in the game.

    7.14 -- Once each inning, a team may utilize a player who is not in the batting order as a special pinch-runner for any offensive player. A player may only be removed for a pinch runner one time during a game. The player for whom the pinch-runner runs is not subject to removal from the lineup. If the pinch runner remains in the game as a substitute defensive or offensive player, that player may not be used again as a pinch-runner while in the batting order. However, if removed for another substitute that player or any player not in the lineup, is again eligible to be used as a pinch runner. NOTE: Does not apply if local league adopts the continuous batting order. See Rule 4.04.

    BIG difference between the 2 terms.

  • @John...Thanks for the Info...

  • You're welcome, Kirk. It irks me to no end when a coach tells me they want a pinch runner. I always ask, "Do you want a Special Pinch Runner?" The answer is normally, "Yes." One of these times, I may have to let them get "in trouble" and have them put in a pinch runner when the players haven't met their appropriate mandatory play...but, that wouldn't be appropriate...:)

  • John, it wouldn't be appropriate if it can't be done by rule, because umpires, like all officials, are supposed to prevent protests.

    But if the runner being placed on the base is an eligible substitute, and the manager says he wants to enter that runner as a pinch runner, why question him? Rule 3.07 tells us that umpires must immediately announce the substitution that the manager provides to him. We don't have the wherewithal to ask questions. He should know the difference between a "pinch runner" and a "special pinch runner."

    If what he MEANT to do was use the SPR, shame on him. The look of surprise on his face when you advise him you did exactly what he told you, and now that player has to stay in the game and meet MPR, will be classic.

    For the record, I do ask the manager to clarify if he wants to enter a special pinch runner instead of a pinch runner, but only if he's been nice to me during the game. :o)

  • I always ask if it's an SPR, or substitution. Pinch runner is a term like to avoid, because it's so close to SPR.

  • I'm with Kyle. Ask if he wants an SPR or if he is entering a substitute.

  • I've always stressed that heavily at ground rules early in the week (when we are working a one-site tournament) and then if I don't think the coach "got it", I might say "that's a 7.14 runner, right coach?" That gets them every time. :-)

    Or, when they call it a courtesy runner... "We don't have those coach, don't you mean a 7.14?"

    My ground rules is something like "you both understand special pinch runner? If you are making a special pinch runner, make sure you declare it that way because if you don't, you just made a sub, you might have made an illegal sub and you might have just made a really big mess."

  • I had an announcer last night keep saying "In as a Pinch Runner for ....." I kept cringing and this was after our umpires made sure it was an SPR and the coach told the booth/official scorekeeper it was an SPR.....

  • I agree with Kyle - I like to be pinch runners and no courtesy runners.

  • In those situations where 2 players "married to the same batting spot" have both met mandatory play, you could actually have the "Sub" as a legal "pinch runner" and later in that same inning you could have a "Special Pinch Runner"......Let's really drive folks crazy.....

    I just hate to hear, "Blue, I'm having a Courtesy Runner come in for....."

  • Help! Im getting a question from coaches i dont know how to answer regarding SPR. A bats and hits a double. SPR Z runs for A (assume everything is legal). D comes up to bat while Z still on 2nd. coach wants to substitute Z for D (again assume that this substitution would normally comply with the rules). can he do that? If so, who can become the runner at 2nd? Can A go back in since it was he who was removed for the SPR. Can Y be "substituted" for A (again if otherwise a legal sub)?

  • Only allowed to do 1 SPR per inning. That would require 2 per inning - replacing the first SPR. Not allowed.