Manager selection

  • After managers have been cleared by the BoD is it just the Player Agents job to pick who they want to manage if there are more managers than teams or is it still the BoD job...?


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  • It falls to the President. "the President with approval of the Board of Directors shall appoint managers, coaches and umpires annually.

  • The president "appoints" and the BOD "approves" all managers and coaches

    If there are more "prospective" managers than teams then you only appoint/approve them for the number of teams you are going to have - you don't appoint/approve more than you need, pick the best ones.

    Around here, we re-draft so those appointmented/approved managers pick numbers out of a hat for draft order.

    Back when we did retain players (Plan A) each manager was appointed/approved for a specific team.

  • I couldn't remember which thread discussed this so I'm throwing this in here since its a small thread

    Yesterday we had a coaches clinic at a local HS. It was great, the HS coaches have been fantastic.

    However at the end of the meeting, the BoD Member who is the coaching coordinator gave an update on manager selection and said it would be announced this week which is fine with me. However he then went on to say I know a lot of you want to coach with someone in particular. However LL rules only allow us to appoint one manager and no coaches. Then he went to say, I need you to contact me asap with who you want to coach with so that you can draft their child. We will get a gentleman's agreement in place as to who is with who before the draft so that we can work this out.

    What do you think of that?

  • Stan, what division are we talking about? If this is Majors and up, that's not by the book. In the minors, team formation is pretty much left up to the local league.

  • Sounds like you are re-drafting so only the managers get approved before the draft.

    As for the "gentlemen's agreement,they are "not allowed" and are not BINDING.

    That is, you can say I won't draft Jonny so you can draft him and get his dad as your coach as long as you don't draft Jimmy so I can get his dad as my coach.

    BUT, once the draft starts anyone can draft anyone so the gentlemen's agreement can pretty much go out the window!

  • Thanks Kyle and Louis

    I am referring to all divisions including Majors. The clinic had prospective managers and coaches from the Majors division and the discussion led by the BoD Coaches coordinator was specifically referring to the Majors managers and the majors draft

  • If you are re-drafting then there are only managers and if a manager wants a certain person to coach with them then they need to draft that person's child before anyone else does, there are no "gentlemen's agreements."

    One reason to not allow these agreements is that the manager's son may be the best player in the league and the person he wants as a coach may be the second best player in the league.

    If I'm the first manager to pick a kid am I supposed to pass on the second best player so that the manager with the best player gets to draft him - sorry, not going to happen, I'd be doing a dis-service to my team if I let that happen !!!

  • While I realize that you can't enforce gentleman's agreements, the fact that the coaching coordinator on the BoD is arranging these agreements sort of seems unethical at a minimum, and outright wrong at the other end of the spectrum. The Coaching coordinator has a 12 YO and has coached (ass't) all the way through with his son if that matters. I'm guessing he is trying to position himself for a job with a specific mgr as well.

  • Like I said, LL says "gentlemens agreements are not allowed" so, a manager is allowed to draft any player available with his pick.

    The Coaching Coordinator can coach with whatever manager choosses his child, he does not have the right to "alter" the draft in order for his child to end up on a specific team with a specific manager.

    What he is doing is NOT allowed by the LL Operating Manual and should not be allowed during your draft.

  • The Coaching Coordinator has zero visibility in the draft process. That's the Player Agents show. And they need to follow the book, especially in the Majors.

    Now, if all the managers are in agreement, and the PA is playing along, who's to know? But all it takes is one smart manager, who might not be getting any sort of advantage, and the whole house of cards comes down.

    Follow the book, and make everyone else do the same. It's hard to go wrong if you do.

  • I agree with Kyle, a draft is the Player Agent's responsibility not the Coaching Coordinator's.

    Everyone on the BOD has a job to do and the Coaching Coordinator's job is not the draft.

    It would be the same as if the President or Vice President tried to step in and make some rules - the PA should say thanks but no thanks !!!

    When it comes to the players the Player Agent is the most important person on the Board.

    It is his/her job to make sure player issues are handled properly and that includes the draft.

  • The player agent was present at the clinic where the Coaching Coordinator gave the manager selection update and the reference to the gentleman's agreement

    He (PA) was fully aware of what was said and going on

  • Our league used to allow a "protected" coaches kid in addition to the managers kid for the Majors division. They did this because in their words, "we live in a small community and without this gentlemans agreement it is difficult to obtain a manager if they can't do it together." Well, every year until we changed this there were always 2 dads pairing up so they would have 2 of the best kids and every one of those years those teams pretty much won the league. So not fair! Trust the rules and experience of the green rule book as it really does give a league the best guidance. If one doesn't, they quickly find out the reasons behind the green book rules....

  • Stan, now that you know the deal, what are you going to do about it? Your Coaching Coord has no business dictating how the draft is going to take place, much less arrange things so that certain coaches get linked with certain managers. The full board needs to be made aware that this draft manipulation is not allowed by the LL Operating Manual. Are you going to take it up with the board and try to prevent this from happening?

    It's these kinds of shenanigans that lead to a bad experience for the unsuspecting family in LL.

  • @ Manny, Unfortunately No I'm not going do much about it. I may not be the brightest bulb in the box but I'm not stupid either.

    Why? it will most likely derail any opportunity that I have to manage or coach a team in the league not only this spring but in the future as well. If you guys have idea's that won't Identify me, then I'll try those.

    As far as telling the board, at least six board of directors (out of 13 total) attended this clinic (where the coaching coordinator made the announcement including the PA) since quite a few of them are coaches themselves albeit at lower levels (minors down to T-Ball). I counted four of those that are likely to be interested in majors division as a manager or coach as their son will most likely be in Majors this spring and they have coached their son in some capacity in the past year.

    There has to be a mechanism by LLI to address these issues without risking your own ability to participate as a coach/mgr.

  • Call your DA.

    Explain the situation to him and ask that he keep your name confidential, for the reason you gave.

    In our District, based on manager complaints, we have "forced" leagues that did not do their drafts in according the Operating Manual to re-draft, with a District Staff member at the re-draft to ensure it was done properly.

  • I have no idea about his phone number as the district website is really limited in information. When I say really limited, it is pretty much useless except at tournament time when it updates the games

    on that note, i do have an email address for him so I could use that, thanks

  • Stan - Understand your dilemma - but I have found that even a lot of people on local BoDs and supposedly "in the know" have no idea what the real rules and regulations are. How many of them have ever looked at the Operations Manual, or even know it exists. Sometimes when they are told they do the right thing. Can't say that will happen in your case.

  • Our district (not league) calls it "honor amongst men"....I'm sorry but if the coaches kid you want to coach with is the best player in the league and you don't get first pick in the first round, you're **** out of luck....and for the most part managers and coaches have kids that our either first or second round's great if you can come to a verbal agreement with managers but in no way does it have to be followed under draft plan A, B or C new league or not.

  • This arrangement is ripe for abuse. One of the reasons why the rules do not allow it. Far too many times, the second best player in the league his dad is designated as a coach during the draft and rarely makes games or practices. The reason he was designated as a coach was to skew the draft in favor of that manager's team. If the dad really wants to have the man as a a coach, draft the player early or trade value for value.

    The best way to prevent the abuse is to follow the rules. Gentlemen agreements often break down due to their being so few gentlemen when winning is on the line.

  • Our managers usually do a gentlemans draft outside the room, however, we make sure we tell them once they walk in the room that everyone is fair game and if we here any talk of the gentlemans agreement in the room then we will start the draft over again, and that if someone breaks the gentlemans agreement that is just to bad. We have never had a problem doing it that way.

  • It's sort of like those reality shows like survivor.

    People "promise" stuff like "I won't vote you off" but when push comes to shove the "promises/agreements" go out the window.

    If there's a player available to draft that will help my team I'm taking him (or her).