Little league Charter

  • Can I request a copy of my liitle leagues charter or is it proprietary to the little league and LL International.

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  • Unless I'm mistaken, the only thing that says a league is chartered is a certificate from LL HQ signed by Mr. Keener. The league receives it when it submits a charter application, along with all the necessary paperwork for approval (e.g., the league's constitution, the boundary map, the list of board members, etc.)

    So I'm not sure there's anything worth seeing.

  • @Jimmy: Are you trying to find out how the league operates, etc. It sounds like maybe its the Constitution or By Laws that you want to see - those should both be publically available. The charter is just what Manny said - a certificate that says you are chartered and a letter confirming your insurance. It just says you are permitted to play LL

  • @ Jimmy - Manny is correct. The "Charter" is a piece of paper signed by the current President of Little League International (kind of like a business license) saying that the league named is chartered for the current season. It's kind of like a certificate that the league can frame and put on a wall somewhere. Or not.

  • I am trying to find how are Charter Operates since we are a one BOD and two charter system. I guess the bylaws and constitution would better answer my questions. Can I ask for this from my bOD

  • One of the reasons I am asking this question is becasue my DA recently e-mailed me and told me that he couldn't give me a copy of letter from our region to our LL explaining how and why we had to set up our league the way we do... He e-mailed me it was proprietary to our LL, Region and LL international.

  • I'm not sure what you mean by "why your league had to set up the way you do" - can you be more specific?

    You can request to see a copy of your Constitution and your By-Laws/Local Rules/Ground Rules and they should be provided to you to "review" - if you want a copy your league could charge a minimal fee for them.

  • Hopefully someone can help me, I need to add more teams to my charter for 2011. For Example, I chartered 6 Major baseball teams and I need to change that to 8, I chartered 4 major softball teams and need to change that to 5. Can someone tell me how to go about doing that, Please.

  • I think you just contact LL and modify your charter and pay the extra $$. I think they can send you a new form

  • @ Jimmy - The DA would only have a copy. Ask the League President to show you the letter, or to explain the contents of it. Or, a member of the Board of Directors could see it and let you know what's in it. (If this refers to the league being required to have two divisions of play, say, at the Little League Majors level, it would probably not be in your Constitution, By-Laws, or Local Rules.)

  • @ Cary - The league President can do this online, through the Data Center at Or, a phone call to Little League International from the league President will do it.

  • LLB&S - you are not actually suggesting that something is easy are you? LOL! I don't have to jump through a ring a fire, climb a giraffe's neck, and ski down Mt. Everest - without skis?

    Cary - it really is that simple. An adjustment will be made to your charter fee. I did it 2 years ago when I didn't have as many teams as I had originally thought. It took 5 minutes and I ended up saving my league enough to pay the all-star registration fees. Just remember, that the additional charter fees are suppose to be paid up before tournament time.

  • Cary: I agree with Dave, it's easy to do.

    We have the leagues in our District submit their Charters very early (we're in Florida so we start early).

    They basically "assume" they're going to have the same number of teams as last year.

    Once they finish registration, tryouts and drafts then they "revise" the team numbers and either pay the additional fee or get a credit from LL if the numbers go down.

  • How do you find out how you leaque is charted? Such as minor leaque, major leaque?