Is it against the rules to show bunt then pull back and swing?

  • The other night in a game another manager had said that if you show bunt and pull back that your not allowed to swing away in Little League? I could not find any mention in the rule book after running through the pages during the game but I figured this would be a good topic for this board. Can someone please clarify this for me.

    Thank you!

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  • Thank you!

  • Rocky,

    This question comes up every couple of weeks....YES, showing bunt and then taking a full swing is legal under Little League and "most" youth softball/baseball rules organizations.

    I was working a non-LL baseball game the other day (playing with rules similar to LL Majors). A batter showed bunt and then swung at a pitch for a foul ball. The defensive coach gave out a yell and the 3rd base coach, also yelled at his batter.......between innings, I asked why both were yelling at the player.....they had a league rule that you couldn't show bunt and the take a full swing......I don't even watch for that....

  • "Slashing" is legal. In fact, it came up as a voting issue during last year's round tables. While it had majority support (52%-48% / 194-180), it did not pass by the required votes needed.

    The issue revolves around safety. Those in favor of banning the slashing practice feel it puts the corner infielders at risk of injury since the general lesson taught is "if he/she squares to bunt, you charge". Potentially and likely, when the batter then pulls back to take a swing, that corner infielders will only be 30-40 feet away. Those opposed, feel that it is a part of the game and that those corner infielders should be taught the proper mechanics of charging a bunt instead of the general lesson.

  • Its call a Butcher Boy and is 100% legal in LL. A lot of other youth organizations and tournaments ban it but no LL. I am in the camp that says teach them the proper way to charge a bunt. Its a useful skill once they start playing 60-90

  • One thing our District UIC has told his umpires is that for any kid that does the fake bunt move, the strike zone gets appreciably larger.

  • Bob: Tell your district UIC to just be an umpire. Not liking a play is no excuse for mis-calling the game.

  • I have mixed feelings on the whole thing...I think at the younger level the fake bunt is often done just to get the pitcher confused and the fake and swing can be a danger, so I do not like either. My strike zone doesn't change...I still don't get why it ever should. The only change in strike zone is going from level to level, not team to team, start of game to end of game, or situation.

  • Bob, I don't believe your UIC is doing a good thing advising the strike zone should get bigger if the batter does the fake bunt.....It's just not right. If he doesn't like that type play, he should try to get it changed. There are rules I may not totally appreciate, but if it's a rule, I'm going to enforce it.

  • Umpires do not make up the rules. They enforce the already in place rules. Yes strike zone is up for interpretation but you can't go changing is just because you don't like the play.

  • Has this rule changed in 2015,can you still use the Butcher Boy move?