Intentional Walk Rule

  • What is the current intentional walk rule for little league majors?

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  • You have to pitch to the kid. No free pass.

  • And all pitches have to actually be throw to the "fake throws"?

  • I believe the "wave to first" was around for only one year in Majors, then removed. Pitcher must throw 4 balls.

    @Tom....yes, NO "fake throws" / Illegal Pitches or the pitcher runs an easy chance for an ejection.

  • Thanks John and Joe. Helpful.

  • Also, they can't use illegal pitches to walk the batter, such as but not limited to, starting a pitch and stopping, dropping the ball.

  • If memory serves, this was actually attempted during one of the televised games during last year's tournaments. Can't recall the teams involved, or if it was during a regional game or the World Series. Essentially, the pitcher went through the motions but didn't release the ball. The umpire ruled a Ball, but didn't issue any warnings. When the pitcher did it again, the batter actually swung the bat. At that point, I believe the umpire told them to knock it off.

    Frankly, I think the warning was warranted after the first illegal move. It was pretty obvious what the kid was doing.

  • Was watching a game at our local park a couple of years ago.

    Pitcher was intentionally walking a batter.

    After Ball 3 the batter "swung" at the next two pitches then let ball 4 go by.

    The umpire did/said nothing.

    Obviously the batter was trying to add a couple of pitches to the pitch count and in this case it worked!

  • We had a similar situation. Three wide ones, two swings at wide ones for a 3-2 count. Next pitch, the pitcher decides maybe he can sneak a strike in for the out. Batter hit a home run. I guess there was a reason they were walking him :)

  • @Lou, what would you have the umpire do in that case? The batter has every right to swing at pitches. Now, if he just waved his bat without making any kind of effort to reach the ball, I suppose the umpire could judge there was no real attempt at trying to hit it and not rule it a strike. But that would be tough to sell.

  • We judge check swings on attempts to actually strike at the ball. We should do the same for bat waving at IBBs, too.

  • Kyle - you wanna walk me you gotta pay the price. Two extra pitches. Tough.

  • What is the rule for an intentional walk in 50/70? Do you have to pitch the ball or verbally tell the umpire, "we want to put this batter on..."

  • I believe all LL baseball divisions require pitches.