Home Run, team mates interferce?

  • If a batter hits an out of park homer can his team mates make contact with (now the runner) before he crosses home plate. High five, slap on butt or anything? Coach also, like rounding 3rd? Does the runner have to touch home plate 1st? Either way if you know can you please direct me to section this would be found in rule book. We have a coach in our League that calls it both ways and convinces umps to do so. If a runner from his team it is OK for his players to high five them. If the other team and anyone touches them before crossing home plate then he calls them out. This is our Leagues 1st year of playing by little League rules. It has been whatever town, coach or whoever was loudest and most over powering. I love the consistent rule book for all towns. Still learning rules. Thanks for any help

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  • Yes, high fives are fine, for both teams. Rule 7.09(h) talks about a runner being out if a coach assists him while running. High fives and butt pats on a home run are not assistance.

    There is nothing that really addresses this in the rule book itself. You need to get a copy of the case book known as "The Right Call." In the case book under rule 7.09(h), it has the following case play:

    "Play 7-14: The batter hits a home run with the bases full. Each runner who passes the third base coach is congratulated with a 'high five' by the base coach. Ruling: No call. This is not assistance."

  • Thanks a bunch. Just ordered "The Right Call". Has we all know this is all for the kids and fun. When something don't go some peoples way it's not fun for anyone at the game. I am so happy we got sanctioned and a rule book that is same in all towns we play. We just need to learn the rules better.Again Thanks

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  • @Scott -

    I would add that I tend to err on the safe side on this one. Mostly to avoid the argument and subsequent protest if an ump calls a player out for high five'ing someone when rounding the bases. I normally coach 1st base and don't always know if its an HR before the kid gets to me so I let them pass either way without touching them. Our third base coach will high five them, but we keep the players in the dugout until the BR is halfway between 3rd and home. We've instructed them to wait back of the plate until its touched and then they can mob the kid.

    Again nothing wrong with the high five's but I find that its easier to be safe then sorry on this one. Its not worth the argument with another coach or an ump if they misinterpret a rule.

  • @Joe....good job keeping the players "back of the plate". I had a homerun in a non-LL softball tournament. Players mobbed the plate. It ended up the "homerun hitter" never touched the plate.....the defense and plate umpire were aware of this missed plate. Defense appealed appropriately and got an out and one less run scored. Later in the game, same player smacked another homerun.....her teammates learned quickly to allow her to touch the plate and then "mob her"....

  • Little League Baseball & Softball. Thank you for removing unneeded stuff. Most all things can be interpeted or explained in a positive way. If we want our players to play with good positive attitudes then it is very important parents and coaches do the same. Again this is why we teach our players how to hit, run, field the ball, throw the ball, where to throw, and how to pitch. On top that play with a good positive attitude and never argue with anyone while with us in uniform or they don't play. If a question or rule is in question we ask, if we know where to show rule OK. If we don't we say sorry we should know our rules better and play ball. In the end we almost always win on the scorebourd and always do win with a great group of kids that respect everything that is called and walk away from the field knowing we did our best. If we or our kids know it was a bad call, that simply gives us reason to only try harder and get more focused. Again thanks to anyone that shares positive direction.

  • I had our team this year meet the home run hitter half way between home plate and the dugout. This was just as exciting for the kids and it kept the other kids out of the way.

  • I'll admit I get frustrated when umpires get tossed under the bus for misapplying rules, without any mention of the manager properley lodging a protest to rectify it.

    I believe that EVERYONE needs to know how to do their jobs on the field. If an umpire calls an out for a player high fiving someone after a dinger, IMO, the manager shares in the injustice for not protesting an easily overturnable call.

  • What if a player steps on home plate before the runner(home run hitter) steps on the plate?

  • In usssa and cal Ripken if a player hits a homerun and his teammate touches him before he touches Homeplate he is not out is that correct

  • Michael - A couple of things. This page is barely used these days. Facebook discontinued the forums for pages stuff years ago. If you look back you will see that most questions are a few years old. Folks occasionally find their way on here through a search engine, but you probably wont get much in the way of an answer. In addition, this forum was dedicated to Little League baseball, you are asking about USSSA and Cal Ripken both of which play under a different set of rules. I would suggest seeking out an umpire board that specializes in those rulesets. You should be able to find one by googling. You could try asking on www.hsbaseballweb.com which specializes in HS baseball. They have an umpire page and I would guess someone on there would know the exact answer to your question.

    I do not know the specific rules for USSSA and CR but I do not know of any ruleset that disallows a home run for high fiving or fist bumping a player. There are specific rules against aiding a player around the bases. But nothing that would prevent a quick high five or fist bump.