Getting on the board.

  • Last year I was an ASA softball coach, this year I want to come back to Little League and would also like to be on the board that is going to need my help because there's only going to be two or three returning board members on a 13 person board. It is my understanding that only approved members from the previous year can be voted to the board at the yearly election. So let's say only three people are voted to the board and we have 10 vacant spots, at that point wouldn't the three elected board members be able to fill those spots regardless if you were an approved volunteer or not..?

    Any help in understanding the rules and how to get on the board would be much appreciated.


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  • Jeremy. How you get on the board varies from league to league. The method for board selection is spelled out in your leagues constitution. You will need to ask a current board member for a copy and then read it to find out. If they don't have a copy or will not share it the district office will also have a copy on file

  • Ask the current board members, some leagues will take anyone who volunteers regardless of what constitution might say, whatever you can do to get volunteers.

  • Our league uses the sample constitution with all the blanks filled in, so at the annual vote in meeting only volenters from the previous year can run and vote. But to my understanding after the vote in meeting if there are still open spots the newly elected members can fill in those spots with who ever they choose no matter if the person was an approved volunteer or not the previous year, but there are former board members that disagree with my understanding.

  • If you use the Sample/Recommended Constitution, here is what it says:



    If any vacancy occurs in the Board of Directors, by death, resignation or otherwise, it may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Directors at any regular Board meeting or at any Special Board Meeting called for that purpose.

  • @Jeremy, this year's board should have nothing to do with what happened last year. So if the league's new board members want to select someone to fill a vacancy who has never been a regular member (by "approved volunteer" I assume you mean a regular member) with the league, that's perfectly acceptable. Heck, that's a good way for a new person to become a regular member to the league.

    Imagine this: The new board needs to find someone willing to become the treasurer. Mrs. Smith is a CPA and is willing to serve. But she's brand new to the league, having moved into the boundaries with her husband and two kids this summer, and heard about the league's needs through her neighbor, who happens to be the league's new president. There is nobody else from last year's regular membership who wants the position. Why not have the new board members vote her in, rather than forcing someone who doesn't want the job and is probably not skilled at finances?

    Of course, if your constitution says otherwise, that's a different story. But typically when the new year begins, the league's slate starts anew. There should be nobody who has any "status" just because he/she served the league the previous year.