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  • Our league is looking to purchase "Game Scheduling" software. We've outgrown our original software and it is no longer supported by the vendor. We have 7 Divisions, 70 teams, and use around 20 different fields. Please advise. Thanks.

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  • Our League sounds about the size of yours (but not as many fields). We use a program called Jevin.

  • Our district and league use, the NCAA's scheduling system. It works great for my league.

    EDIT: this is for scheduling officials... I now realize your question is about creating game schedules; ArbiterSports isn't the answer for that.

  • LeagueUSA's League Scheduler at

    This is best if you want to schedule all divisions together at once. This is important if your divisions share fields and you want to ensure time balancing amongst all of your teams. Also if you have coaches that coach multiple teams then this is easily handled with the Team Binding feature which ensures that each coach can make it to all of their games. I believe the other two software previously mentioned in the post force you to create one division's schedule at a time. They then give you a way to combine all those schedules later and point out possible conflicts in which you must manually resolve. While this is a viable route you don't have this problem with LeagueUSA.

  • A 17th organization is reporting payment issues with Jevin. They have not received a dime of their fall registration money. Please find following an update from SkyView:

    SVYF Update 10/17

    To the Parents of SVYF:

    We are aware that some of you, maybe all of you, have received a threatening letter from the attorney of Jevin. This is the mess we have been dealing with all season. We have representing legal counsel from Olsen & Hoggan Attorneys at Law in Logan to help us with this case. This threatening letter is designed to scare and panic parents into paying. Please do not respond, or pay a dime to Jevin. You as parents have done nothing wrong or committed any fraud as stated in the letter from Jevin. Nor has Sky View Youth Football. Remember we did nothing wrong, we were the victims in this. If Jevin would have paid us our money when they were supposed to we would not have had any of this mess.

    We are currently working with Olsen & Hoggan to respond as needed both to Jevin and to you as parents. We are trying to get a letter by tomorrow. We have talked to 4 other groups who say they are missing money. A reporter working with one of those groups told us he has uncovered 15 groups just this year who have had money issues with Jevin. We stood up to Jevin and it seems they did not like that at all. We will be strong and we will not back down. Please understand that we as a Sky View Youth Football board are aware of the concern and hassle this is to you as parents. We have tried to ensure that your kids have had a good and enjoyable season while dealing with this headache that was not brought on by anything we did. We have over 100 pages of supporting documentation we have submitted to our attorney regarding this mess. Again you as parents are not legally liable for this and that will not change no matter how many demanding letters Jevin sends out.

    Why does Jevin feel they are owed money? When Jevin failed to pay the amount of money that was owed to SVYF we had no other choice but to take the legal and law enforcement route. We were counseled to send out the case number to parents and have them do all they could to get their money back. Some parents were able to get money back and then paid us. Some banks and credit cards took the entire 8 weeks or longer that they had to figure out the fraudulent claim. Then Jevin turned around and paid us the full original amount of money owed to us knowing full well there were people who got their money back. Jevin then claimed to the banks, when they did their investigating, that they paid us the money. Some banks pulled the money back out and gave it to back to Jevin. This has become an accounting nightmare for all involved. The board has spent hundreds of hours to trying to sort this out.

    During the summer when Jevin first approached us about getting money back we told them that we would work through the accounting nightmare they caused which would require contacting all of the parents involved. After doing all of this, we thought that we were close to having it complete and giving Jevin the money that was collected by us, minus all extra fees that SVYF incurred because of not having our funds when needed which was over $6,000. Jevin turned around and added thousands of dollars in fees and other charge backs that we were unaware of and were unaccounted for. Jevin is claiming that we owe over $20,000 back to them. That is outrageous. Because of Jevin’s unwillingness to pay us when they were supposed to, the fees that where accrued and the extra time and resources that have been required on the part of the board and parents exceeds any amount owed to Jevin. But because we want to make sure everything is done legally and honestly we have turned everything over to legal counsel to determine the amount if any is owed.

    We will keep you informed.


    SVYF Board

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  • Now, 18 organizations have reported late or missing payments totaling around $400,000.00 from Jevin in just 2016 alone. Owner, Dan Ptak, has admitted to the press that all of Jevin's accounts are frozen. This scam needs to be shut down before any more charities are ripped off!


    I am heartbroken to report that a charity and its parents have been sued by Jevin. Jevin victimized this group by not paying them and weeks later they did chargebacks in desperation to get their funds and get the kids out playing football. Now, they are fighting litigation out of state with that monster Dan Ptak of Jevin. This is an outrage!


    Heather Dobrott,

    This is Jim Byers, President of Pleasant Hill Little League ("the league") in Pleasant Hill, Iowa. This email is to serve as final notice to you that you are no longer, in any fashion (electronic mail, telephone, social media, or postal mail) to contact or communicate with Pleasant Hill Little League or it's board members, parents, players, coaches, or volunteers. You have been instructed prior to today to no longer communicate with the league, which you have ignored. Further communication, in any fashion, including using entities outside of the league, shall be considered harassment and local authorities in Pleasant Hill, Iowa as well as your hometown shall be contacted and the league shall press charges against you for this harassment.

    On a personal note, myself and our board as a whole, has grown tired of your antics. We have no interest nor concern with the fanatic psychosis with which you are stalking our business partner. I could not care less what your interest is in this. From our perspective, everything you share with us is completely unfounded. And, quite frankly, your ramblings have hit the wrong nerve with me now, and I find you to be insufferable and intolerable. If you want to run around Texas on your soap box and hope that someone wants to entertain your vendetta and phsychoses, by all means, carry on. But DO NOT contact our league directly or indirectly EVER again. And DO NOT take my suggestion of involving law enforcement lightly. That point was not a threat, but a promise. I do not have the time, energy, or want to deal with some whacky lady half a nation away, and if I EVER come across your name again in association with my league or any member of my league, every bit of time and energy I spend on it will be to make you miserable thru every legal means possible equal to and greater than what you seek out with Jevin. Go away. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER A REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. SHOULD YOU EVEN AS MUCH DO THIS, I WILL IMMEDIATELY CONTACT LAW ENFORCEMENT TO MOVE FORWARD WITH CHARGES. Whatever personal vendettas you may hold against Jevin or the soccer club in your area has absolutely nothing to do with us role our league, so leave us out of it.

    Thank You,

    Jim Byers


    Pleasant Hill Little League

    District 3 Asst. District Administrator - Baseball

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  • Yet another group that is owed money by Jevin contacted me. This would be approximately the 25th group out money by my count. That brings the total of late and missing payments to well over $500,000.00. They asked for contact information for the Allen, TX police and Dallas FBI. I gave them that and information for other law enforcement agencies across the country that have been involved.

    How many more leagues are out money that have not contacted me???

  • Franchise Tax Details

    Franchise Search Results

    Public Information Report

    As of : 01/28/2018 21:42:52


    Texas Taxpayer Number 17529686606

    Mailing Address 1223 ASHFORD LN ALLEN, TX 75002-4467

    Right to Transact Business in Texas FORFEITED

    File missing reports, information reports and/or payments

    State of Formation TX

    Effective SOS Registration Date 12/14/2001

    Texas SOS File Number 0800036396

    Registered Agent Name DANIEL E PTAK

    Registered Office Street Address 1223 ASHFORD LANE ALLEN, TX 75002