forfeits? Count as a game??

  • A league has scheduled 12 games, a few games end in a forfeit, how does this affect the 60% rule? does a forfeit count as a game since it was scheduled?

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  • How did a few games "end in forfeit"?

    The league must have scheduled and the wording of the rule, in your situation you do not meet the 60% rule. That being said and depending on circumstances you might be able to get a waiver. The bug question is why your only scheduled 12 games?

  • You need to schedule "and play" a minimum of 12 games.

    Players need to participate in 60% of those games.

    If you schedule 12 but a team only plays 10 or 11, the players on that team are not eligible for tournament play without a Waiver.

    If it were me I would re-schedule the forfeited games so that the team plays 12 games!

    One other thing, if the game was actually started and went beyond the first inning and then was a forfeit, that game would count toward the 12 games, after all, it was "played".

  • @Lou: I wouldn't necessary say "started but then forfeited counts as a game". We had TIE games they told us didn't count, and they got to 6 innings. We were told it has to be a regulation game and that meant more than 3 1/2 / 4 innings and has a conclusion.

  • A TIE game isn't a forfeit.

    If you start a game and play say 3 innings and a team had 9 players and one is ejected (or injured) the game is called. If it is ruled a forfeit by the BOD, MY opinion, is that the game WAS PLAYED so it would count.

    Maybe I'm wrong (it wouldn't be the first time).

  • @Lou - I agree that a tie isn't a forfeit, but I would also agree that a TIE game was played, 6 innings even, and we were told we couldn't count it towards the 12 games played, so I'm hesitant to count a forfeit in that mix as well.

  • This is a Junior League team in a very small town where we barley get enough kids to sign up to play so we have to travel 2 hours to play other teams and we only have 5 weeks to get games in. The 2 forfeited games were because the team did not have enough kids to play and they didn't have any opportunity to reschedule. So the league declared them forfeits.

  • Nancy - a tie game does not have a winner so it's "not over/official" yet.

    A forfeit is "official" and it has a winner and a loser.

    Now, if a team never showed up and the game was declared a forfeit then it was "never played" but if both teams took the field and the game went more than 1 inning then it "was played" and if it was later declared a forfeit then in MY opinion it would count.

    Again, as I said above, maybe I'm wrong - it wouldn't be the first time (nor the last)!

  • Just to throw a wrench in the mix!

    So a team could tell his players to not show, because the coach knows his 2 star pitchers are not going to be there and also only give there team 9 players.

    You are saying the league would re-schedule the game because we don't want a forfeit.

    I don't think that is right.

    Then that team (or any team) can have the schedule the way they want essentially!

    I love these conversations. It really brings up some great points that don't always happen with everyone.

    Just my thoughts,


  • @Michael: A manager that is telling players not to show wouldn't last long in most leagues.

    We use pool players if a manager can't field a team. We used to try to reschedule, but it got too hard with too many teams and not enough fields, so if a manager can't field a team, he calls the player agent to get a pool player (or 3, yes we've had at least that many before). So, games are played when they are scheduled. All that matters is the playoffs when it comes to winning, though. Yes, our regular season sets the standings but everyone gets a chance in the end to win it on the field with their best team.

  • Michael, it would be up to the BOD to decide on a forfeit or not. If a manager would try to do the shenanigans you referenced, hopefully, the board would discover that. If true, the team doing the shenanigans "would earn" a forfeit and hopefully, there would be some additional penalties against that manager.

  • @Nancy thank you for that reply.

    We do the same thing. We have fairly large league as well. So we use pool players quite often for this exact reason.

  • Thank you for the reply @John

    Yeah the only issue is the forfeited game and a player possibly not being eligible for tournament team.

    We have a minimum of 12 games on our schedule to accommodate for many rain dates and the summer vacations beginning in June for MANY, many families.

    Thank you folks for your responses

  • Waivers were to be in my June 5th. If you feel this player should be eligible, try for a wavier might get turned down right at the get go, but you might not......

  • Oh! It did not happen this year. This was from years ago. I just wish we could have TRUE forfeits and have them count as games.

  • True Forfeits should only count as Games Played for Player Eligibility in Post Season play. They should NOT count towards stats though. It impacts a players averages and standings. Say in any sport there is two players with the same stats, 15 games played basketball 150pts, 100 assists, 10 steals, etc, or ice hockey, 15 games played, 17 goals 20 assists. But what if one of those players never actually had a chance to play in one of those "15 games" b/c it was a result of a "Forfeit"? That player is penalized b/c he or she actually accomplished the same record in stats as the other person - but actually in reality, did it in one less game. Think about it.