Draft rules and/or Operating Manual?

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    Is there any place online that I can download the LL Operating Manual or a comprehensive list of draft rules? I would just buy the e-rules which contain the OM, but I need it by tomorrow and LL International says it takes 3 days for them to send me an email with download instructions.

    Thanks in advance!


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  • I have never seen the OM online or in the e rules.

    If it is accessible other than the hard copy, it must be above my pay grade.

  • @Jeff -

    If you have specific questions about the draft post them here. Most people who spend time on these boards have a good operating knowledge of how LL works. There are different draft options avaliable to a league so knowing what drafting options you are working under would be helpful but not necessary.

  • I do not believe th E-Rules contain the Ops Manual, nor do they detail the several draft methods. I think those can only be found in the OM. I agree with Joe in that many visitors of this forum would be able to help you.

    If you do not have your draft method carved out by now, good luck, I recommend full plate gear, mask and potection


  • Thanks for the reply all - I am a manager, not on the LL Board (the draft is already set). I believe that something was overlooked last year and our team lost a draft pick. From what I read after the fact, if a player leaves and goes back into the draft, we should have gotten an additional pick during the round he was taken in. I just don't want something like that to happen again. I'm not losing a player this year, but due to the way the draft fell last year we had more 12yo's than some and lost a couple younger players. I now have to draft 8 players while most of the other teams only have to draft 5. I'd like to read thru the OM to see if there are any provisions in there to even out the draft a bit. I've read where some leagues give "bonus picks" to teams and even others that go thru the first rounds or so and then any team that needs the most gets additional picks until all teams have the same number of players. Then they go on. This way all of the bottom tier kids don't go to the same team year after year.

  • If a manager releases a player (and that's the only way a player can go back in the draft with a property player system) that team is not entitled to any special draft pick.

    That's why you should never release a player, but instead trade him.

  • Kyle - I wasn't the manager last year so I'm not sure of everything that went down. The player asked to go back into the draft due to conflict with the manager. So it wasn't a "voluntary" release of a player.

    But this is more on the lines of everything I do - If I'm gonna do it and be in charge of a team I want to know ALL of the rules (including th draft rules).

  • Depending on the draft option


    Any team who requires 8 or more player gets a bonus pick after the 4th round.

  • Thanks Jon - that's the type of thing I was looking for. Can you tell me what page it's on and if it's mandated or optional?

  • Check you messages

  • I don't have the OM with me.

    Under Player selection systems, it is draft plan (A) which you would use for existing teams

    It is not worded as an "option", it is worded (?) "will be allowed one bonus pick" once round four is complete

  • Jon - thanks again.

    Brian - if that was to me, I don't have any messages (facebook or email)

  • There are three (actually four since Plan B has two Options) Approved Player Selection Methods in the Operating Manual:

    Plan A - teams retain returning players

    Plan B - Re-Draft (two Options, a two part draft: all returners drafted first then new players drafted, or a one part draft: managers can select a returner or a new player but all returners must be drafted)

    Plan C: Blind Draft (players names drawn out of a hat, by ages) - don't know ANYONE that uses this Plan.

    Depending on which Plan your BOD choses to use draft order can be in reverse order of last year's finish (Plan A) or chosen at random (Plan B).

    Also, Plan A uses the same order of draft picks each round (1,2,3,4, 1,2,3,4) where Plan B is serpentine (1,2,3,4 then 4,3,2,1).

    As stated above, if you are using Plan A and a team needs to draft 8 or more players then that team gets ONE extra Pick at the end of Round 4.

    That's a "brief" synopsis of the Player Selection Plans.

    Obviously there is a lot more detail in the Operating Manual.

    Your league President, Player Agent and the other BOD Members should have a copy of the Operating Manual and if you are a manager going into a Draft you should be able to ask to review a copy of it.

  • Jeff, find out when the player was released. If it was sometime after that teams last game, he should still the property of your team, as you need the current managers go-ahead for that to happen. The BoD just can't release without the manager's blessing, and that manager's tenure ends after their last played game.

  • Would all be so much easier if LL just posted it online...

    What is the big secret?

  • Part of your charter fees, Robert. LL doesn't put the key operating publications online without being passworded or some other form of protection. Simple operational forms are what they put online for the ease of day-to-day operations.

  • Each LL should keep a copy of its Constitution and a copy of the Rulebooks and Operating Manual avaiable "for review" by any Member in good standing.

    This stuff should not be a "secret" !!!

    As I said above, ASK your President or a Board Member to see a copy.

  • A 10 year old is unable to make try outs, the parents have submitted a letter to have their child available for the major draft. Is this allowed? Does the Player Agent decide if the player eligible for the major draft or would it be a Board Vote? Are there any other factors that should be considered?

  • There is a rule that all participants must attend evaluations. If a child can not make it to evaluations then a letter should be sent to the league with the reason he/she can not attend.

    It is up to each individual league to determine how they will treat the child in the upcoming draft. The parents can not dictate to the league to make the child available for the draft.

    So there is no firm rule on this, it is a league by league decision.

    My personal opinion is that the league should do it's best to hold a second evaluation for the kids who had a conflict with the first tryout.

  • A player "eligible" for drafting onto a majors team needs to attend 50% of the tryouts sessions. So, if you have two, the player has to attend one of the two. If you only have one, then the player has to attend that one.

    If a player does not attend 50% of the tryouts the parent/guardian can submit a letter/justification as to why the player missed tryouts.

    If the justification is accepted by the BOD (majority vote) then the player is eligible to be drafted onto a major team.

    If it's not acceptable LL says the player can not play in the league that season (although a lot of leagues let the player play in minors).

    Take a look at the "Tip" on this topic from the LL Website:


  • Louis - I did ask the President and he was by no means keeping anything a secret. It was just due to the last minute nature of the request it was difficult for me to get my hands on it in time (my own fault).

    It turned out to be a non-issue anyway. Due to a late sign-up of a returning player I was drafting 7, not 8 so there were no additional picks involved.

    but all of this does beg the question to the powers that be - why can't Joe Average Parent/Coach/Manager buy a copy of the rules? I'm lucky that I live in a great town and from what I've experienced the President and all Board members work with the coaches and parents to see everything is done right. Not everyone is so lucky and unfortunately the only way to know if something is being done wrong is to either get on the board (not always possible or practical) or have a copy of the rules (the OM which LL seems to guard like it was the formula for Coca Cola).

    Thanks to everyone for their help with this!

  • Jeff, regarding LL Rulebooks, prior to the start of the season, every league gets a quantity of LL Rulebooks, which should be distributed to each team's managers.

    (I believe the rulebooks are part of the package received by each league through their charter application and payment). So, you really should have already received a rulebook or should be getting one shortly.

    My league usually has extra rulebooks in our concession stand and pressbox, although I'm not sure folks know they are there.

  • John, I stated rule which would imply rulebooks, but what I was talking about was the Operating Manual which is the rulebook the local leagues follow. Anyone that wants can buy a copy of the LL rulebook, but no one can just buy a copy of the OM (as far as I can tell). And there are quite a few times when a question is asked and in the answer someone points to the OM.

  • Is there a rule on which round a manager drafts their son/ daughter on the majors division? Are there any exceptions? What if the manager's son is the best player in the pool?

  • Karen,

    This forum was shut down by Little League, please post your question on LLforum.org and we will have answered

  • If a parent has an issue with a particular manager, in the major division, do LL rules prohibit the parent form saying that that manager is not allowed to draft their child?


  • The parent can not dictate, however, there are ways to address this. You can get a clear concise answer if you post this in www.leagueforum.org

    This facebook forum was shut down by Little league 3 years ago

  • Can you do a partial draft? Our league is in a very mountainous, rural area and it's not feasible to draft from all the schools. We want to draft from one school and make 2 or 3 teams, the let the other school draft their 1or 2 teams. I cannot find anywhere that it says all players must go in the same draft pool. Thanks.

  • Can you do a partial draft? Our league is in a very mountainous, rural area and it's not feasible to draft from all the schools. We want to draft from one school and make 2 or 3 teams, the let the other school draft their 1or 2 teams. I cannot find anywhere that it says all players must go in the same draft pool. Thanks.

  • Can you do a partial draft? Our league is in a very mountainous, rural area and it's not feasible to draft from all the schools. We want to draft from one school and make 2 or 3 teams, the let the other school draft their 1or 2 teams. I cannot find anywhere that it says all players must go in the same draft pool. Thanks.

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