Double Headers

  • Are double headers allowed in LL? If so, how many can you schedule during a season?

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  • It is rule 3.11. A Major team can play 1 double header in a calander week.

  • Thanks Cary...does that double header have to be against the same team or can you play two different teams in one night?

  • I don't see why you can't play two different teams in the same night.

  • We're planning double-headers as the only way to fit in a 14 game schedule for our Majors when we have 7 game weeks and an odd number of teams. Only one team is having the DH - they play two different opponents - and it gets us from 12 to 14 games each.

  • One of my sons actually plays in a different league than I am president of, he lives with his mother. I just go his schedule tonight and they have 3 or 4 double headers during the season. They play 25 games total.

  • many teams do you have?

  • @Dan - we only have 5 Majors teams this year.

  • Same number as us. Can you send me the schedule you use? I may want to try to model it.... thanks.

  • Dan - I don't have the exact one yet, but the sample that we worked up when planning the season - I'll send that off to you

    Basically, we are waiting until the last 5 weekends of the season.

    We are taking the team that has a bye on Sat, and pairing them up to play with the team that had a bye either the PREVIOUS Wed or the subsequent WED, so the team that has two games on Sat was either off on Wed or will be off the next Wed

  • If u play a double header in 9-10 allstars, can u pitch your catcher the second game? And can your pitcher of the first game catch the second game?