Coaches in dugout

  • What is the rule for number of coaches allowed in the dugout? Regular season, non-tournament Minors division.

    thanks in advance!

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  • Three, unless you have a local rule permitting more.

  • From the rulebook:

    2.00 Definition of terms:

    *BENCH OR DUGOUT is the seating facilities reserved for players, substitutes, one manager and not more than two coaches when they are not actively engaged on the playing field. Batboys and/or batgirls are not permitted.

    3.17 -- Players and substitutes shall sit on their team's bench or in the dugout unless participating in the game or preparing to enter the game.

    No one except eligible players in uniform, manager and not more than two coaches shall occupy the bench or dugout.

  • Too many coaches is not good for the kids, far too confusing when you have multiple adults barking orders.

  • Plus, you have the "coaching" parents in the stands yelling one thing to their child and the "real" coaches telling them something else.

  • How do I tell the 2 extra coaches that are used to always being there (all 5 outside the dugout watching the game and sitting on ball buckets, instead of inside the dugout supervising their team, while the kids swing bats in the dugout), that this game called by this 14 year old junior umpire, is going to be called using book rules? Is this a battle I should think of fighting, and try to win? Heck, I got a stink eye the other night when 2 managers showed up for the plate meeting, and I said only 1 was allowed. These guys sit on the board, and they can vote not to hire me!

  • Beto - that depends. If that's the way they roll in Majors in your league, and your Umpire in Chief allows it, then as a youth ump you probably don't have enough juice or enough motivation to fix a broken system. There is no point in fighting that battle if you don't have backup. But if the Minors coaches act like they can make up their own rules while the Majors division is run pretty much straight, then I would suggest getting the UIC to see what's going on and light a fire under these fools.

  • what I am trying to figure out is why isnt the adult umpire or (if there isnt one) the adult co-ordinator helping out with these problems that you are having.

  • @Beto - If more than one manager comes to the plate conference, I let them come. Not something to argue about. That being said, I make sure I know which of them will be speaking for the team since only the manager has standing to come discuss calls, make changes, lodge protests, etc.

    Oh, and if there are too many managers on the field, just politely remind them that LL insurance only covers 3 and if somebody gets hurt, they will almost certainly decide it was the the 4th.

  • I agree with the post above, go to your UIC and talk to him (her) about the violations.

    If he wants you to "enforce the rules" ask that he, or another adult umpire come to some of the minor games and help "correct" the situation.

    If he (she) says let it go, then don't fight it, but, at the plate conference "remind" the manager that LL Rules only allows the manager and the coaches listed on the team roster to be in the dugout and those are the only ones covered by LL Insurance.

    Also state, that if they want to sit outside the dugout on buckets that if there is any throw/play in that general area, the opposing team is going to get the benefit of the doubt if it involves interference.

  • If LL rules only allow for 3 coaches in dugout during a game, one would reason that a league cannot insert a local league rule that allows for more than 3 coaches that since it would violate LL rules. My understanding is that local(House)rules cannot violate LL rules but can make them harder.

  • Is there any penalty for too many coaches in the dugout during a game, I can not find anything in the rules.