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  • Our Little League President is upset that some board members have started a "travel" team. This team does not interfer with the "Normal" baseball spring schedule But does take managers and players away for the "extra" summer and fall schedule. We are having a problem getting managers and players for the summer and fall season. The President feels he should asked these board members to give up the "travel" ball or leave the board. I am not directly invole but I am on the board and my son plays travel ball on another town and I personally think as long as they are playing in the normal season what is the problem if these members decide to make a team during the summer and fall season. Is there a Little League rule that a board member cannot be a manager or coach of a travel team? I don't beliieve our Charter has any rule against this.

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  • There is no rule what-so-ever that prevents a manager/coach or player from participating in Travel ball, even during the Spring season and Tournament. Odds are if he gives them the ultimatum of giving up Travel ball or leave the board, he will lose not only the managers/coaches but the players as well.

  • I agree with Jim. Summer and fall aren't the primary Little League seasons. I would focus on making sure their kids will continue to participate in the spring season. We have had struggles of "Little League vs. Travel" with our board - actually a lot recently, but I firmly believe the best way to KEEP the good players and coaches is to make it EASY for them to do both travel and Little League. Travel is a higher level of play and the "good" players who want to play high school will choose travel over Little League if given an ultimatum

  • I send the above to our Little League President, in response he sent me back this statement. So I need Little league to address this. Can a Board member Coach/Manager a Travel Team?

    "Chris I heard if you are a board member for your league you can't coach or manage a travel team outside of the league. Is this true?

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    Little League Baseball & Softball Chris - Correct...that would be a clear and obvious conflict of interest"

  • @ Joseph - It was a while back, but we amend the statement to say that, while it absolutely is a clear conflict of interest, whether or not to allow it would be the decision of the local league's Board of Directors.

  • Joseph: You actually need to look at your Constitution.

    If you use the Sample/Recommended LL Constitution it says all BOD Members are "Regular Members" of the league (as are managers, coaches, umpires, ...).

    It further states that "Regular members should not be actively engaged in the promotion and/or operation of any other baseball/softball program."

    So, what if someone is?

    Well, if the issue is brought before the Board the Board can, by a 2/3 majority vote, discipline, suspend or remove the individual.

    So, bottom line, it's up to the BOD and what is says in your league's Constitution.

    Around here (as well as in most of the country I would imagine) there are lots of people involved in LL that are also involved with other baseball/softball programs.

    Bottom line, if their actions are "not harmful" to the local league, then most leagues don't do anything about it.

    On the other hand, if the persons actions are harming the league (eg: stealing players) that's a whole different story.

    As you probably well know, the Travel Team can NOT use any LL equipment, supplies, funds, etc. They need to be completely independent of the local LL.

  • I am reading from the 2010 Operating Manual Page 18 under code 1.

    No officer or board member of a little league and no district administrator or other representative of a group of little leagues shall, at the same time, hold office or be a member of the board of any other youth baseball/softball league or function as an official or REPRESENTIVE of such a program.

  • Its a common problem in most leagues that the same people tend to volunteer over and over again. Its not going to be uncommon to find LL board members who are also coaches in LL - and sometimes coaches of a travel team. I believe that these volunteers are there for the best interest of the kids - because the time commitment is so significant. I believe, as I have said above, that working harmoniously with travel organizations can ENHANCE your Little League - creating opportunities for players to play both, develop different skills in different environments. I believe that a Little League that goes out of its way to restrict volunteers from participating in both is only going to drive the volunteers and players away. The players who participate in travel do so because they are looking for a higher level of play. If the players, and their parents / coaches, are forced to choose - I'd venture to guess they'd choose travel most of the time.