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  • If you sign up a player with only 8 games left in the season and that player, plays in more than 60% of those 8 games is he or she eligible for all star selection.

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  • Cary - All players are required to play in 60 percent of the total games played by the team. It's not 60 percent of the games for which the player is present. ... However, under certain circumstances, the Charter Committee could entertain a request for a waiver (see page 12 of the rule book). It would be important for the league to document everything, including the reason the player signed up late, the number of games in which he/she played, the total number of games, etc.

  • I understand the rule that a league cannot post an All-Star roster until June 15th but can try-outs for the teams be held prior to that date say, June 12th?

  • @ Jodi - Excellent question. The answer is under the rules for Tournament Team Practice (Page T-9), which reads, in part: "Try outs or practices by tournament teams shall not be held before June 15." ... So any tryout could not be held on June 12.

  • Thank you. We just started our 60th season of Little League baseball/softball in Elgin, Illinois.

  • @ Jodi - That's fantastic!!!! Did you invite past graduates of the league to ceremonies? We've heard about lots of leagues doing that on their milestone anniversaries.

  • For the 9-10 and 10-11 year old divisions, the rule book does state June 15th OR two weeks prior to the start of the tournament, whichever is earlier. In our district VA D-7, the 9-10 tournament starts on June 24th, so one could take place on June 12 or as early as June 9th, correct?

  • @ Lori - You are correct...good catch!

  • If you don't hold a tryout what are some of the best ways to pick an allstar team... in our 9/10 division we have 9 teams. I'm trying to eliminate "daddy ball" teams (teams with only the coaches sons)

  • LL actually recomends using kids vote for their peers. I have seen it done to where the kids vote for "x amount" then the coaches pick up the rest to fill the roster. Another way is the BOD picks the team, personally dont like that one as you will have BOD members that dont know some good kids but know bad players and vote for them from name, parent etc. What our league does is each coach will vote for "x amount" of players, "x amount" of players with highest vote total are on team and coaches pick up the remaining roster (such as a kid that doesnt get voted on by his peers but coaches see fit for him on team). Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesnt as you can get coaches that will take kids that have no place on the roster because of the "daddy ball" scenarion.

  • we talked about having the kids vote... but when I asked the kids they said that they would vote for the best of the kids they knew... and that they didn't know everyone... we are playing a 12 game season... you only play the same team most.

    have you seen the kid pick done successfully?

  • Our league has done this a number of different ways over the years. There is no perfect way. Letting the kids vote can turn into a popularity contest. Though they seem to get it right more often then not. Letting the coach pick can turn into daddy ball. Letting the board pick can bring in a lot of politics to the process.

    I saw one league that used a combination of all three. From talking with them I beleive the process went something like this...

    It all started with the kids voting , the board putting together their list and the coach putting together his list. All of this was done without one another seeing each others lists. At the end the top 6 kids on the kids list were automatically on the team. Those kids were removed from the boards list and the coaches list. The two remaining lists were compared and up to 6 kids that were on both lists were automatically taken. If there were more then 6, the board picked 4 and the coach picked 2. If there were less, they always had the coach pick 2 and any remaining were assigned by the board. I was told the coach was always left with 2 picks so he could put his kid on the team if he didn't make it through the voting process. I don't necessarily know if I agree with that but at the same time if the coach is going to give up more time to coach an all-star team then he should be able to do it with his kid on the team.

  • We had the same problem as your kids said they would voting for the best kids they knew, and not everybody knows everybody and some instances kids will vote for their best friend who unfortunately shouldnt be voted for. Some kids will vote their intire team and for nobody else, it can be a train-wreck and in a 9 team league you probably would have many kids left off and replaced by others that shouldnt be there. In smaller leagues the kids usually get it right but in your case, itd be tough IMO.

    Another method is that each coach votes for "x amount" from their own team, those players are then evaluated by the BOD and chosen based on coaches recomendation. If you have a compitent BOD itll work.

    There is no "perfect" method, it can be tough.

  • Great posts everyone. For what it's worth, the majority of the U.S. teams that make it to the Little League Baseball World Series are chosen through a method that involves the players themselves in the voting - so we know it can be successful.

  • Thanks guys

  • Good discussion. My one suggestion is that whatever method is used that it be a known process and that it is adhered to. (As we approach All Star time, I truly hop these discussions do not become the complaint department for those who feel their child unfairly was not place on the All Star roster.)

  • True..

  • Good point Steve. If everyone knows how it happens going in, it helps to eliminate problems after the selection.

  • Kasey- That would likely depend on the question, right?

  • Kasey -

    Whats the question. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here who can help you.

  • Kasey -

    If that's the case I suggest you start with the BOD for you league.

  • Kasey -

    If you still have a question I would suggest your district administrator.

  • Can a player play in both the Little League and Pony All-Star Teams?

  • @ Mak Kai Yin - There is no Little League rule that would prohibit a player from participating in a non-Little League program while also participating in a Little League program, including during tournament play. However, the local Little League may consider such a player as potentially unavailable for some games or practices, and may decide not to place the player on the Little League All-Star Team in the first place. If such a player is placed on the team, and the player misses games/practices because of non-Little League participation, the league may dismiss the player from the team.

  • Maybe we go a little overboard. Our league is in rural NJ (no - it's not an oxymoron) and is made up of 3 townships. The kids don't go to school together and don't play LL together during the season as the teams are made up from each township. Therefore, we rule out player voting.

    About a week ago, we handed out letters (and posted the form on the website) to each player of eligible age. Everyone one of them. In part, the letter gives out all known or anticipated information such as the difference with regular season, dates of practice and play, and selection process. This way, a parent can't say that he/she was not informed. All players and their parents have time to discuss and review on their own.

    The letter mandates a Memorial Day deadline for submitting the "Nomination" letter by the parent. When submitting the letter, the parent must also enclose the 3 proofs of residency required and has been put on notice that the original birth certificate must be made available at the first practice should the child should make a team.

    After Memorial Day, the Player Agent and myself (president) will assess the number of nominations for each age division. The numbers of letters will determine how we proceed. <10 means no team. 10-12 means that's the team. 13-18 means a meeting of all regular season coaching staffs at that age level to discuss the players nominated. All input is welcomed. The meeting is confidential. If >19 players, then we will have a tryout.

    Also, coaches must nominate themselves prior to Memorail Day. However, we place an emphasis on the kids first then a coaching staff.

    So far it seems to work. The important things are (a) everyone is informed and has a chance to reply, (b) by June 15, we have the 3 proofs of residency in hand already, and (c) by June 15, parents already have the original birth certificate at the ready as well.

    I have found that this process helps allievate my stress since I am not running around looking for paperwork. Our district affidavit meetings are usually around June 18 so I find it helpful to be prepared.

  • The best I have seen is allowing each player that trys out for allstars, (by invitation of all coaches)and all coaches from reg season, to vote for the top 12, based on these votes, the top ten with the most votes are automatically placed, and then the all-star coaches fill in the rest- I am always surprised how often the kids picks are the same as the coaches.

  • I have heard that from a number of people. If your league is meshed and the kids all go to school together, then I highly recommend it.

    Our league is "unique" with it's "township" teams". Believe me, I wish it were the other way. In fact, I mentioned to our board about discussing the possibility of ocmbining the kids from the different townships and it almost lead to a revolt!


  • I have been involved with our Little league 141 years. The best selection method I have seen is when we used Local High School coaches that did not know any of the dad's and picked the team based on fielding and hitting ability and positions needed. This was the best a neutral person eliminating any political issues. However, we have since gone away from that and are back to Politics as usual.

    There were some dads that got upset when their kids didn't make the team.

  • @Michael -

    Wow 141 years.

    The problem with having outside people pick the team is that it is solely based on athletic ability. How can they determine which kids actually know how to play baseball. Things like how to defend against the bunt, how to properly get the ball in from the outfield, etc can not be determined in a 1 or 2 hour tryout. We have lots of kids in our league who have athletic ability but Im not sure I would want them on an all star team as their knowledge of baseball is low.

  • I like the idea of an "outside" coach,,, for 2 reasons, 1. daddy ball-no more needs to be said,,, but also 2. coaches ball- this is similar to reason 1, many times lazy talented kids are put into all-stars because the "coaches" know they are the most talented, while kids that are slightly less talented that will surely improve dramatically because the WANT IT are passed over- I have seen kids with the entitled attitude at our 4 day try-outs, just phoning it in, and not doing anywhere near as well as some playing their heart out- it may not be a bad idea for the kids to know they really have no points going into try-outs, they all start on an even playing field.. that being said, i think the "outside coaches" need more than 2-4 hours for the decision.

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