Pitcher's helmet/mask

  • Is there a Little League approved fielding helmet/facemask for our players? Local rules state they must wear a facemask and helmet to pitch

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  • For baseball, thanks

  • @ Bryan - We don't currently license any fielding helmets/masks for baseball or softball, but individual leagues/players may use them.

  • @ Bryan Jones - Bryan, there's no Little League Rule requiring infielders/pitchers or batters to wear facemask. I umpire a lot of softball. Other softball organizations require a mask attached to the batter's helmet. Also, I'm not aware of any baseball or softball organization requiring infielders/pitchers to wear even just a facemask, while in the field. I've seen quite a few infielders and pitchers with faceguards, but these infielders didn't wear helmets. I am not a salesman, but here's a website with some of the faceguards - http://faceguards.com/store/Home:Show.

    I'm all for safety, but how comfortable and/or off balance would a pitcher become if he/she is wearing a helmet? Players seem to get used to wearing the masks fairly easily (pitchers usually have them on the ground during warm-ups and then put it on when they're ready to pitch. When you get into tournament play, since this isn't a Little League rule, will your league attempt to require their own players and/or players visiting your field to wear the mask and helmet...I don't think that will happen.

    Did your league have pitchers injured last year with batted balls?

    With my softball organizations, they require the NOSCAE certification on the masks attached to NOSCAE approved helmets. We don't have the same requirement for the infielders wearing facemasks.

  • No, just our District Administrator decided to make it a rule for coach pitch teams. T-ball teams have to wear a mask with no helmet. They are wanting us to use batting helmets with a mask which in in my opinion too heavy and cumbersome.

  • I'm guessing your D.A. is thinking the player "in the spot of the pitcher" in the Coach-Pitch divisions may not be watching the entire game, while there's a coach pitching???? I was reading some reviews online for some of the "facemasks" that some appear to be too big for smaller players (comment by a 10U softball coach).

    Good luck with your season.

  • Thanks and thanks for the link. I'm not going to argue with anyone over safety, but it's hard to find a helmet small enough that the young guys can wear without wearing them out.

  • I totally understand that....Safety is extremely important. But, yes, it's hard to find helmets to fit smaller kids properly. My daughter always seemed to be the smallest player on the team and it was hard to find a helmet to fit her properly (this was before the days of the "one size fits all" helmets, which seem to fit most kids better).

    And yes, it will make them more tired in the field. You may want to suggest chin straps to help secure the helmet a little more. Also with a complete helmet and mask, these younger players may have trouble going low for grounders and even picking up their heads to catch pop-ups. Or what happens if 2 infielders collide as they're going for a ball? Has your District had this rule in the past??

  • @Bryan - "t-ball teams have to wear a mask with no helmet" yikes, holy schnikies!

    You're asking for a lawsuit (or your DA is). Helmets are MANDATORY for every player, at every level when a batter has a bat in his hand.

  • @ Mark...Bryan's saying the Tball fielders must wear a mask in the field. But, in Coach-Pitch - the player"pitcher" must wear a batting helmet with a mask.

  • Whether or not the idea is good or bad, the DA does not have the authority to create a rule.

  • Can a District Administrator require them to be worn by the pitcher? If they can't it will solve a lot of problems.

  • As with most "local rules", they needs to be or should be approval from Little League. Hopefully the Little League rep will jump back into this conversation.

  • "Hopefully the Little League rep will jump back into this conversation."

    That's what I'm hoping

  • The way I understand it is a local league/DA can make a rule that is stricter than LL's polocies but not softer. This rule would be more stringent since LL does not require this. It is the same as saying a baseball pitcher can not catch if he throws 20 pitches even though LL says he can catch if he only throws 20 pitches.

    I am not saying the rule itself is right or wrong I am just saying I think the DA can make this rule.

  • All - At the Little League web site is an article that spells out the authority and duties of the District Administrator. The article here http://www.littleleague.org/districtadmins/darole.htm states, in part:

    "A District Administrator does NOT have the authority to alter, suspend or otherwise change any rule, regulation or policy of Little League Baseball. This authority is vested solely in the Little League Baseball Charter Committee in Williamsport, Pa."

    The equipment to be used, or not used, in local league play is solely within the purview of the local league Board of Directors, provided such use does not conflict with any rule, regulation or policy of Little League.

    Thus, a District Administrator may urge that local leagues in the District use a certain type of equipment, but it is not mandatory (unless, as noted earlier, it is called for in the rules, regulations and policies).

  • Saw a news story earlier in the week about a new pitcher's helmet that Easton has developed. Dodn't catch the details but I imagine you could find out about it on the internet.

  • do these rules on composite bats apply to softball players too? just woundering my girls ware a game face anyway. hear that alot of them were outlawed

  • Rules about bats do not apply to softball.

  • ok thank you for the info. u have been a great help