legal or illegal bat

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  • It's amazing how complicated bats have become!

    For my 12 year old playing Majors, I just bought a DeMarini Vexxum model number WTDXVNL C6 Composite. It's 30 inches, 2 1/4 inch barrel, -13.5 oz. and it's stamped approved for Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie Youth, Pony Baseball and AABC.

    Sooooo, can he use it?

  • I need help with bat questions. I have a Louisville Slugger (2009?) triton, I think it is not legal am I right? Also what about a 2006 dimarini Vexxum? Both bats are 31in. Any help is really appreciated!!

  • Sadly, the BPF rating is not printed on the bat...*sigh* All this confusion so a little kid can play me a headache! I can't believe people have gotten so competitive over this stuff that it's even necessary. :(

  • T-BALL!

    Let's put this in perspective. The BPF rating is for bats hitting baseballs, not T-balls. No need for a 1.15 rating down in T-Ball. If anyone is checking bats down in T-ball, they need a checkup from the neck up.

  • That's what I thought, but as he is starting out a second year t-baller and is a bit stronger than other kids, I wanted a bat that would allow him to use it for a few seasons...also, I've already heard questions about "how far he hits" so I wanted to avoid any drama, ya know? He always used a wood bat when he played in the yard, so going to aluminum was a change for him.

  • Are there ANY approved composite bats 2 5/8, not -3 (such as -8 or -10) ???

  • Nope, not a one.

  • About 2 months ago we purchased a new bat for my son to use at the Majors level. It is an Easton Synergy LZN2 -10, 29" bat. On the Approved List for Majors is the Easton Synergy LZN1 -12 bat. After reading some of the discussions, I am understanding that my son will be be able to use this bat? Am I correct?

  • Melissa, Sorry, but the -10 did not pass the test.

  • My son has and Easton Redline LX370 -12 1.15 BPF 2 1/4" Composite Handle Bat. Can he still use that in Little League. I see the Easton Redline LT360 on the approved list.


  • Does it have a metal barrel, with no composite in it? If so, then it's good to go.

  • No, it is full composite. It is not approved.

  • Composite handle, metal barrel.

  • Is an Easton Stealth cnt comp -13 approved? It is model number LCN8 28in 15oz 1.15bpf. It is a 2008 model. I see other LCN# on the approved but not this one

  • Does this bat need a wavier? Mizuno Wood Composite - Matte Royal (MZC62) Baseball Bat

  • Is a rolled bat legal?

  • I read all posts in this thread, can you confirm my summary is correct:

    Majors & Below: Composite bats - must be on the approved 2 1/4" list

    Juniors & Above: Composite bats - must be on the approved 2 5/8" list

    Majors & Below: Aluminum / Alloy bats - There is a list of registered bats, this is more for guidance since it says its not meant to be a list of all bats that can be used.

    Juniors & Above: Aluminum / Alloy bats. BESR = Approved for 2011. For 2012 must be BBCOR approved. I saw this in Merrill's post from 2 weeks ago (copied below), can anyone conform LL will enforce this?

    If the above is correct, I have one question:

    Will composite bats on the Juniors & Above 2 5/8" list be legal for 2012? Or will they further have to be BBCOR certified? The store I went to had aluminum / alloy bats that were BBCOR certified, but they had no composite bats that were BBCOR certified. They said composite BBCOR approved composite bats existed but no manufacturers had shipped any to them yet due to short supply - none expected until after our season has started.

    My goal is to advise parents buying new bats on what will be legal in 2011 and also what will be legal in 2012 (so new bats purchased now can be used for more than 1 year).


    Merrill's post from 2 weeks ago:

    Little League is not testing the 2 5/8 bats. The approved bats are the same as those that are approved by NCAA and NFHS for use in high school and college baseball. The original studies that led to a moratorium on composite bats were commissioned by the NCAA and Little League has followed their lead.

    After this year new bat regulations go into effect for Little League Jr/Sr/BL Baseball that will require non-wood bats to meet the BBCOR performance standard and other requirements for marking on the bats. The bats on the current waiver list meet a different standard, BESR and will not be legal after this year.

  • @ Lucas, rolled bats are considered altered, thus no good.

    @Keith, as an umpire, that darn thing says composite right on it. Pretty simple ruling for me.

  • @Kyle. Thanks. The book is clear about "shaving" but who decides the definition of "altered"? The 1.15 rating meets LL guidlines and rolling simply gets it there sooner but doesnt enhance the performance. Thanks for you input

  • "...but who decides the definition of "altered"?"

    LLB&S has, in several different threads. But start a new one, and ask them directly. That way it will be clear for the thousands that read it.

  • My son has the Easton Omen 32/22 (-10) model:BNC10XL. He is 13 and starting first year of Junior League. Is this bat legal?

  • Yes. Anything legal in Majors is good to go in Juniors.

  • Our 12 year old son is playing in the League City TX Majors this year.

    When we found out that my son's composite bat wasn't approved for use in the Majors, we went out and bought a bat on the licensed, non-wood/non-composite list, an Easton LK41 Magnum -10.

    We had our first league game of the season recently, and during a pre-game equipment inspection, the umpires disallowed the use of this bat. I was told that the bat wasn't on the 'accepted' list.

    I'm confused. Is there a different list that these umpires are working to? If so, how do I find out where this list is? If not, who should I talk to in the league to get this straightened out?

  • your league UIC would be the one to get this straightened out. If this bat is NOT a composite barrel then it doesnt need to be on the "approved" list provided it meets the requirements of rule 1.10

  • Even though it doesn't need to be on any approved list, IT IS! I have no idea why that Magnum was not allowed.

  • @Kyle - thanks so much for your response. If you were in our shoes, how would you go about getting our bat recognized as legal? When the bat was disallowed, a comment was made that the bat was on the "approved" list but not on the "accepted" list - does that make any sense? Could that be a local league rule instead of a national?

  • I have a player with a Demarini Vexxum model number WTDXVNL10. The bat is on the Little League approved list but does not have BPF 1.15 on it. So is the bat legal or not? If it is how do I keep umpires from tossing it out before the game starts?


  • you cant,,, in accordance with rule 1.10 the bat must have BPF 1.15 printed on it

  • I should have asked you the size.

  • I understand rule 1.10. However, it is on the approved list. If it violates rule 1.10 then why did little league put it on the approved list? I don't remember the size but I know it is not too long. It is like 29 or 30 inches and 2 1/4 barrel.

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