?50/70 official rules and regulations?

  • Just wondering if anyone has heard when the rule set will be released? Perhaps LLB&S has some updated information?

    Also curious how others feel this rule set will be included in the official book. Seems to me that it may be easier for LL to go back to separate divisional rule books. If they add 50/70 to the current one, won't it turn into just a muddled cluster?

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  • It already is, Dave... understanding printing costs involved, I would hope that they find a way to clean up what has been a challenge for a few years now. Pretty soon, its going to look like the NCAA manual.

  • I'd be interested to hear if they're going to allow players to play 50/70 (Hey, how 'bout a name for this division), and Majors or Juniors at the same time.

    I'm guessing it will be played with Juniors rules, with some sort of bat rule that will baffle us all. Yeah, I know 1.15 is coming to 2 5/8", but that's not enough dumb things down on this little field, with big kids.

    As a base umpire, it would be nice to know what bats will be allowed, so I can chose to be inside, or outside. I've done games on this size field with 13, near 14 year olds, and being inside is crazy. 6 foot kids + -10 2 5/8" bats = trouble for F1, F5 and any base umpire in B and C.

    If WP had any sense, they'd make this a wood bat division, thus allowing parks with a 200' fence to offer it. Bases and mounds are much easier to adjust than a fence and scoreboard. I apologize in advance for using logic in this situation.

    I understand what WP is trying to do. Keep the 13 year olds playing Little League baseball. The drop off in numbers after 12 is gigantic. Kids either quit, not wanting to go to 90', go play with some other organization (PONY, or other 54/80 fields), or play travel ball. It's a numbers ($) thing, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to keep you numbers up. I'd like to keep the 13 year olds involved in LL, too. That's why we have a Junior umpire program to do just that.

  • We are going to try out the 50/70 program. I actually think it will help retain all the players we are losing to select ball.

    We have the option of playing it on a 275' field or a 200' field any thoughts?

    B Hines

  • If it were me I would opt for the 275' field. If they are using big bats and you are letting 13U play 50-70 then you want to be on the larger field. Way too many kids hitting dingers these days with the light bats. I took my 13U son (going to be 14U next season) up to a LL field for some BP yesterday. He hit about 80% over the fence. His teammate that was with us put about 40% over and he is not a power hitter.

  • 275', no doubt. That's a great option to have, Bryan.

  • No question 275'. Even if they are using small-barrel bats, the added 4' of time + the added year of age = 200' is too small. And, yet, that may be what we are doing (we do have a viable Juniors program so we are figuring out the interplay between 50/70 and Juniors for our 13s). Even if it is just 11s and 12s playing 50/70, we will probably build up our fence on our LL field - lots of singles off the wall, I'd imagine.

    On the rule book, other than bats (PLEASE make it small-barrel for 50/70) and dimensions, I'd imagine that 50/70 rules would look just like Juniors so inclusion of that division should not add much. And, like Kyle, I am very curious about simultaneous play - my recollection is that the release announcing the creation of the division said that the 11s and 12s could play Majors and 50/70 simultaneously but was silent on 13s playing Juniors and 50/70. This will certainly require deep pitching (or development of pitching) since the pitching rest rules will apply indepedent of division.

  • I hope WP doesn't sit on it's hands about this. We start signing up for Spring Ball in November, and need to know then what the structure of our league will be. (Actually, it would great to know now, as we need to notify kids of their option NOT to play PONY, and continue on with LL. That IS the point of all this, right WP? )

  • Many of our 50/70 field options in our county are "big fields" converted down to 50/70, so that puts a 275 or 300 foot fence. We do have "small fields" converted up but that usually results, as many have mentioned, in more balls going out - and that's for 11s and 12s that play 50/70 through travel. I can't imagine a 13 year old on a 50/70 "small field converted" - I would definitely go for the big one.

    We piloted 50/70 a couple of years ago. Found it a good transition for the kids but frankly, other leagues in our area weren't piloting it, so we reached the point that we didn't have anyone to play within 50 miles.

  • Kyle - agreed. I just got an email from a league who wants to know the basic format and structure because they want to plan for registrations in November. I would imagine the warm climates must start earlier than we do.

    I would hope they have the basics and details out by September 1 at the latest. This will give leagues an opportunity to plan ahead and keep us in sync with travel programs. The standard late October - early November is just way to late in the year.

  • When 50/70 originated one of the LL Press Releases stated that all players must be given an opportunity to "try out" which made me believe they were equally attacking the competition from travel ball.

    The wording out of the Round Table is (paraphrased) Any player shall be eligible to compete.

    I'm trying to look at how our district would best approach this new division. Our leagues average 3 major teams per leagues (yes, we take all the 12's;) and I see a situation where we have 16 kids signing up from many leagues one team per league. Any interpretations on making this select and cutting kids? Problem with cutting kids is you still lose weaker 13's

  • Why not make it, at the local level, so that all 13's must be drafted.

    Our Majors division is done that way. By the end of the draft, all eligible 12's must be selected in the draft. Sometimes it gets to the point that the total number of spots left on the teams equals the number of 12's left in the draft. At this point you must pick from the 12's so that they are all placed on a team.

    We have minor waivers for 12's with board approval every year. Generally 5-6 teams of 12 results in 2-3 minors waivers. I have, however, seen the waiver process abused. If followed within the 'spirit' of LL, all 13's should be selected to the (un-named) 50-70 division for regular season play.

    That's what makes Little League, well... Little League.


  • Jon - that is pretty similar to what happens in our league as well. We do have a viable Juniors program so one thing that we have considered for the 13s is having all tryout for 13s and put a cap on the # of Juniors teams so that any 13 who does not get drafted into Juniors will play 50/70. In this sense, it is what happens with our 11s who do not make Majors - they drop to our high Minors (AAA in our league). But, while we remain committed to creating a 50/70 program, I am concerned about the rest of the leagues in our District and whether there will be a very small handful of teams or really a vibrant division.

  • I'm all for the mandatory drafting of 13's to 50/70 which should help solve one of the problems. That being retaining 13's. Then we still need a solution for the kids migrating to travel at younger ages looking for a more competitive venue.

  • We could probably get a 50/70 league going in the Spring if the 11-12's were still allowed to play in the Majors. It sure would be nice to know now, if that's going to be an option. If not. we'll probably lose our 13's to PONY, again.

  • Brian,

    The trouble is, kids don't migrate. The "I'm still not over making varsity" parents do.

    Most younger kids just want to play ball, with their friends.

    How about an option for a 10-11 50-70 team & a 12-13 50-70 team. It would give the more competetive parent..er kids a chance at lead off baseball starting at 10.

    Never going to make everyone happy, as hard as we may try.

  • Kyle,

    I thought the 11-12 could play both? I'm wondering on the 13's in 50-70 and Juniors.

  • Now that 50/70 (CAN WE GET A REAL NAME FOR THIS DIVISION?!) will stand on it's own next season, it's unclear where the delineations will be.

  • Hopefully the rules and regulations for the SUPER MAJORS - no, that's not going to work...

    Hopefuly the rules and regulations for the MINOR JUNIORS - um - hate that one...

    Hopefully the rules and regulations for the ACCELERATED MAJORS - hmm - maybe...

    Hopefully the rules and regulations for the SENIOR MAJORS - crud...

    Anyway - I hope we hear from LLB&S about this. This is EXTREMELY important. I know the WS is taking up resources as far as time and energy but this EXTREME (ELITE?) division needs to be an immediate priority.

  • Mr. Telleson and Mr. Poe, I already came up with a name for the division ... remember? "Don't-Travel Ball"

  • @ All - Operations is working on the rules now, but we won't release them until we are sure what they will be. Also working on the naming thing.

  • LLB&S - of course. Can't have it any other way. However, I suggest that the masses be kept WELL informed as to the progress of the release. The local leagues are chomping at the bit for information as they really can't plan anything until the rules and regulations for the Elite Division are public.