[K-FORUM] "Which type of K-Pop do you like to listen the most?"

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  • everything

  • you wouldnt really be in love with kpop if you didnt listen to ALL !!! kpop is a full package you either should take it all or you take a little and miss out on its full specialty or capacity ^___^ im in such a weird mood right now :)


  • b2st, ukiss and b1a4 in boys' group

    apink,snsd, and miss a in girls' group

  • Almost everything ! XD


  • All ??? LOL :D

  • CnBlue, B1A4, Snsd, AOA, Juniel's Song

  • everything is fine for me.. i love all kpop.. with ma kpop buddy.. BUTT BUDDIES.. so fun to watch kpop with my bestie hehehe :)

  • Everithing... nut more love for Jay Park n Insoonil..... cz i love Rap n Balad

  • wit touching melody......................<3

  • lots~

  • ALL

  • Everything ~

  • everything about k-pop and all kind of k-pop..I love everything about it..

  • A L L

  • everything, but rapping and ballads are best ;) and techno sometimes :D

  • Songs of WooYoung and 2PM. :)

  • Anything that catches my attention ~~( ^ o ^ )~~ ALL of ittt~ ( * o * )

  • @Ami Otsuka, what KPOP band do you like most?

  • @Ruth Abigail G. Chan, Well.I can't choose ( ^ . ^) JUST I LOOOVE THEM ALL.I can't compare them to each other~

  • And also love to listen to the HIGH, SMOOTH and YEPPEUN voice of IU!

  • all !!

  • i love to listen especially to SS501 ,SUPER JUNIOR,MBLAQ,big bang,Bek Ji Young, Hyun Bin ,SNSD but i like all of them:))

  • ALL TYPES!!!!

  • ALLL especially SUJU,BTOB,B2ST,2ne1 ♥

  • I think all....

  • I love all kinds of Kpop songs. But the most beautiful songs are the slow, ballad, selfwritten by the singers songs.

  • SHINee!!! <3 <3 <3

    in my opinion, they're the best!

    especially my bias is in that group! <3

    i hope i can meet him one day! not juz in pictures but in real life! <3

    LUV YA SHINee! <3 <3 <3 FIGHTING! >_<

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