[K-FORUM] What was your very first Korean variety show? ^^

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  • Running Man

  • Invincible Youth

  • hmmm.. IDOL ARMY and OH MY SCHOOL!!

  • SHINee Hello Baby~

  • Running man and hello baby! :) technically it was running man first but i was watching hello baby also >.>)

  • SHINee's Hello Baby :)

  • Girls generation's pre debut variety show: GGTS (Girls go to school)

    My second was Girl's generation: FG (Factory girl)

    If you can't already tell.... I am a HUUUUUGE SONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • f(x)'s Koala

  • SHINee's Hello Baby <3

  • SUPER JUNIOR's intimate note XD That was back when i was really young.It's so funny that i felt like i inhaled the laughing gas.<--discovered what it is by Super Junior's EHB/Exploration of human body.~

  • 2pm's wild bunny and star date

  • star king

  • Super Junior EHB/Exploration of Human Body and Super Junior Intimate Note's. It's fun.

  • Super Junior yes of course :)

  • Invincible Youth

  • SHINee's Hello Baby!!!!!!!!!!


  • Oh My School.

  • SHINee's Hello Baby!!!! <3<3<3


  • Running Man <3333 still my favourite :DDDD

  • We Got Married (YongSeo)

  • WE GOT MARRIED (hwang bo & kim hyun joong aka LETTUCE COUPLE)

  • hello baby shinee and we got married :)

  • Ulzzang Shidae c: Sadly its hard to find engsubs on this show :c

  • Strong Heart !!! My favourite ^^

  • all is my favorite

  • We Got Married ^_^ Ssangchu Couple :)

  • we got married yonseo couple <3

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