[K-FORUM] What are your opinions on Eunhyuk and IU ?

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  • Over one photo, two people's reputations could possibly go straight down the drain in a matter of days. I'm not saying that they did sleep together, and I'm not saying they didn't. They are both consenting adults. I think the reason people are going around calling IU a slut, is because they are jealous of her relationship. I mean, I honestly don't think it's anyone else's business but theirs. Who they choose to be with, is up to them, and at the end of the day, people need to respect it, and stop sticking their noses into celebrities personal lives.

  • If they both really a couple ,, I will Support ,, I won't do anything let them hurt !!!! I'll support Eunhyuk and IU till the end !!! they're also a human like us so,they can breath can eat can sleep can love someone like us ,,They're also have their personal lives !!!! Please...stop do it anymore ~~

  • Well said, Urica Qi. People need to realise that they are human beings, not machines.

  • Yeahh ,, you're right , people need to realise it ....

  • i think IU and Eunhyuk are couple

  • When I first heard new about them, being together, I admit I was shocked, since Eunhyuk is my bias as well, but I wasn't so dramatizing as some people are.. I mean, if they want to be together, let them be; they're human, not robots or emotionless creatures. They have feelings too.. and if they really are together, I wish them the best :)

  • I'm E.L.F & IU's fan,too..I'll support Eunhyuk and IU...they're also a human like us..They're also have their personal lives....Stop, please!!!

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  • There's no wrong for that picture. its just that, maybe they are in good terms, friends? maybe. but it doesnt mean that they are already in affair or something. Fans should know their limitations too. :) I like Eunhyuk and IU's tandem. :)

  • Hm, I Dunno What To Say.. But If They Two Are Real.. I Ship Them.. But If They Not .. Then Just Let It Go Jewel :)

  • I believe it's fine for them to be together. They're both my biases anyways and it's their own choice who they be with.


  • well even if t was true they would be a good couple but since we all know well not all but we know that IU and EUNHYUK r friends there is nothing wrong with it if they wanted to go out with each other who r we to say to them not to , i know we r their fans but... even if we r it's their lives.

  • I will Support them ........

    if they are couple or not ............. ♥