[K-FORUM] Say a comforting message to Hyunseung for his lost

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  • There are no words that can ease your pain now. Time would do its job! Just keep the good memories and stay strong. It is silly to say it but this is part of the life, nobody can escape it. So spend you precious time with the people you love doind the things you love. We are all there for you! Fighting!

  • i love you b2uty and the b2st

    is one of the best medicine to cure hyunseung!!!

    hyunseung oppa..... we are here there are many reasons to leave here on earth don't slowly kill yourself

    we are here for you hyunseung oppa

    FIGHTING!!!!!! <3

  • I wish you feel better soon Amen. idk how does it feel to lost someone you really loved. Time heals all wounds. Be like the way your father wanted u to be. It'll make him proud in the heaven and it'll make u proud too. Pray for him and be a good person.

  • seung oppa im sorry for ur lost i hope u become better and stronger soon and dont worry b2uties will always support and love u forver oppa so stay strong and keep going fighting <3<3<3

  • oppa..be strong..b2uty always with you..never let's this saddest around you..keep it up..b2uty will support you till the end!!!BEAST IS THE B2ST!!!!B2UTY IS THE BEST!!!!

  • b2utys are always wishing for you to be happy even with your lose. we will always wish the best for you and your family

  • oppa were always here for you ....i wish you are happy rigth now and Always take care yourself ...

    b2utys is here to support you !!!!1

    yeh ,,,,fighting

  • Owo always be happy oppa us fans will support you for your lost i can feel your pain.Also ur doing good with singing and i always listen to trouble maker HWAITNG OPPA!!!!!!!

  • There's not much I can say because I don't really Know the feeling... my father died when i wasn't even one year old so I don't remember him and it's not the same as losing a parent that always been there with you.. But I want to say that, even if it hurts like hell you've got to be strong for your mother and try to be happy doing what you love, you know your friends will support you and so do we : 3. Be strong.

  • I'm So Sorry To Here That , But I Believe That You, Hyunseung Can Stay Strong .. Someone That You Love Has Been Gone Is Not The Reason That You Must Give Up ... I Only Wanna Say , Remember This.. " Miracle Is Another Name For An Effort " :) -Kang Taejoon ;)


  • don't give up n be strong...

    u can do it..<3...fighting!

  • OPPA .. we are always here for you.. stay strong.. :)

    everyone loves you <3

    FIGHTING <33333333333333333333

  • annyeonghaseyo!!oppa.I am sorry for your lost but you have to be strong and i know you can because i believe in you and your awsome.But until then you just got to have hope. Love you and i wish you good luck.bye-bye