[K-FORUM] "Is K POP popular in your country? Ever saw K POP beeing broadcasted on Tv or Radio?"

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  • Sadly only one song.

    And this song was gangnam style XD in a special show for 'most famous internet videos'

    and when I turn on korean songs they are all like "eeewww turn that crap of no one can understand this shing shang shong language!"

    -.- I hate it when they say this! D:


  • Mexico!!! ♡ at least in the state of Veracruz is broadcasted on channel TVMás!!! They broadcast Arirang, Pops In Seoul, half an hour on Tuesday and Thursday!! at 6:00 p.m. (Mexico local time)

  • PHILIPPINES~~! Yes :)) I heard YES FM playing Gangnam Style and various KPOP song esp. songs of 2ne1, SuJu, SNSD and U-Kiss :) On TV channels (ABS-CBN and GMA), when SiHae visited our country for BENCH promotions, they featured them. And MYX (No.1 Music channel in the PH) they have this show called, POP Myx Presents: KPOP :"">


  • yess they are so popular in our country

  • AUSTRALIA MELBOURNE !!! >_< yeah gangnam style same as everyone else , but the people here love it and they join in the dance with me so im not a total cool person on my own ;) but the first one i saw was bigbang tonight :) when it debuted in america itunes countdown :) foxtel ... get it !!! :) V.I.P !!! >_<

  • yes, INDONESIAAA!!!! kpop always on tv and radio,,,

  • Philippines. Yes, K-POP is very famous here.. You can hear it on Radio and and watch it on TV. We have a popular music channel here "MYX", They have this show called POP MYX: K-POP Edition. And they always play K-pop music videos. K-pop is also included on their MYX Daily top 10 music videos & MIT 20 [Myx International top 20] Especially, Super Junior, SNSD, 2ne1, BigBang, SHINee, CNBLUE, U-Kiss MV's.. And on TV channels like ABS-CBN, GMA 7, TV5, you can watch Korean Drama's from morning to midnight. I watch 4 Korean drama's on GMA 7. There are like hundred thousands of K-POP fans here and Korean Drama fans.. And i think the biggest fan club here in the Philippines is ELF. Super Junior's fan club. And also, SONE's too SNSD's fan club. I'm both ELF & SONE. :)

  • A year ago, In America, you would never meet anyone who knew a slight thing about kpop and some people didn't even know Korea was a country!

    But a few months ago, I screamed out loud when I said an ad on cox for "Kpop on demand" and it showed Big Bang's Fantastic Baby. I was so shocked!

    And now, of course, Gangnam Style is pretty popular. But I don't go to public school so I haven't actually met anyone who had heard it... Except my friends who were already kpop fans.

  • Not really. But there are a lot of KFans here in the Philippines.

    They might have been broadcasted, but not often.

    It's tooooooooooooooo rare to hear & watch Kpop Stars here.

  • In my country (Czech Republic) is many fans, I think, and now it's Gangnam Style which is in radio and TV... But not only this, on TV is Xia - Uncommitted and there was Big Bang - Blue and JYJ - Get Out too ^^

  • Hey,Well not radio but TV many times there is even a proper channel ^^

    They play all latest songs as well and it's amazing to watch them on TV.

    From Dubai, UAE ^^

  • mm i dont watch tv so idk but Kpop is famous than every POP in my heart <3

  • Yeah here in Philippines we often get some news about Super Junior in our Local News TV Show (24 Oras) :))

  • Maybe KPOP Popular in My Country...Gangnam Style always playing in radio...and others KPOP Song

  • in Philippines we have tvN that's why i can always keep track on may K-Pop shows :DD They always feature the new released songs but in other network they usually feature Gangnam Style because it's really popular here.

  • Not really... I'm from Romania and people here don't appreciate this genre, they make fun of it and such >.< We aren't a lot of fans but we do our best in making k-pop more known in this country and being a true family, we have now a hour per week only with k-pop and a TV program is broadcasting some k-dramas! ^^ Hmm, now they are playing "Gangnam Style" on Radio and TV often, but I'd like to listen to other songs as well. Haha, few days ago I heard "Tasty - You know me" as a background song on a romanian TV show, I was shocked! xD A girl sang "I love you" by 2NE1 at X Factor but the jury wasn't impressed, they said something mean about k-pop, ughh~ I don't even want to remember that. =.=

  • Not at all. Montenegro is a small country, and there are not many people who know about K-Pop at all.. But there are people who know about K-Pop, and they inform themeselfs by the internet..:D

  • Yeah!

  • I live in Poland and kpop is not that popular in Poland. well there are many fans or people who've heard about it but the only korean song u can hear in the radio is obviously gangnam style

  • i live in Greece, but unfortunatelly kpop is not so famous....but im happy cause a week ago at the radio and in TV they put PSY-GANGNAM STYLE(with hyuna..not singing just dancing)... and now that song is very very famous in Greece and by that song people can learn about kpop cause some people put it on youtube and maybe they put another songs with hyuna and learn about 4minutes and more xD

  • In Sweden, we've done a gangnam style flashmob and recently you can hear gangnam style pretty much on every radiostation x3 But we have a channel called P3 where they actually have kpop hours! :D So sometimes they play a full hour of only kpop hihi <3

  • Malaysia~~I think so...

    cauz this year got many kpop idol/group come here...

    like B.A.P,U-kiss,TeenTop,Block-B,T-ara,Jung IlWoo,SNSD,BigBang,2NE1,Wonder Girls,A-Pink,B1A4....

    so,it is much popular in my country...(:

  • The world of KPOP are very famous here in Philippines especially SUJU AND 2NE1 .. Filipinos sings korean songs even they didn't know exactly the lyrics.And the famous GANGNAM STYLE by PSY is the famous dance craze here in our country. :D

  • Yeah i guess its pretty popular Kpop is played every sunday on tv for 2 hours in Australia XD on Channel Sbs (not seoul Broadcasting station xD) called SBS PopAsia! from 8:30am - 10:30 xD and on Mondays 5- 5:30 its not a channel people normally watch though cuz its always news but yeah :D

  • Kpop is very famous here in the Philippines!!! WHOO!!!!

  • i'm from Finland and i've only seen gangnam style on TV and heard it on radio... my sister said that Boa's song was once playing on TV, but i think that only one or two time D; i wish we would have a channel called P3 and there's kpop hour just like in Sweden! :3

  • no Kpop is not at all famous in my country (Fiji Islands)..only few people who watch KDrama would know about Kpop but the first and the only Kpop being aired on radio was PSY-Gangnam Style...and thats the only Kpop song everyone knows about...but we do have a TV program K-Wave where KPop gets played for an hour...i love Kpop(even though i am not korean and i dont understand korean very well)...Kpop is everything to me and it changed my life...i only wish there could have been a separate channel for KDrama like KBS so i could watch all my favorite dramas and music videos..

  • Philippines~~ ( ' . ' ) I don't really know if its popular but..most of my friends and classmates like kpop :D I also often hear on radio/s kpop songs~ :D I always feel happyy whenever i hear kpop on radio.It sort of means kpop is popular >:D

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