Updates on Ex-hosts

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  • I have been a fan since about 1998 when they were still ACN, then suddenly I lost JTV in my channel line up for about 2 years. I have only had them back for about 2 months now & I have to say I was so VERY shocked to see so many new faces and I am TRULY missing SO MANY of the old hosts. I agree, they were all like family & I had this channel on for almost 24-7! No joke, the logos are actually burned into the corners of my big screen from always being on that channel.

    I'm sorry to say that I am not really crazy about MANY of the new hosts!!!!! Craig is great, Brian & Lance are good, but I do not care for the new women. I am not trying to be mean or "catty" but these new women do not even COMPARE to the likes of Angie, Angela, Cheryl, Jennifer Morgan,Nicole, Sheree, Valerie & Tamara. Skip was always fun to see pop in! Just my own opinion.

    I agree that it would really be nice if we got some warning before faves leave & then updates on them afterward. It might make the transition to new people a bit easier to deal with.

    I know that Angie is with another Channel now.

    Nicole, Jennifer Morgan & Chris Cooper are all at another company together.

    Not sure what Cheryl (has a FB page), Valerie, Tamara & Skip are doing.

    Angela is doing motivational work & has a FB page.

    Sheree went with Callie (from JTV Jewel School & has FB page).

    If you're listening JTV, when & if possible, please try to bring these people back!

  • What happened to Lance? Is he gone, too? Does anyone know how to contact Sheree, Katie & Craig, and Lance? Now British is gone, too! What is going on??? I can't stand it when someone just DISAPPEARS, and we never know what happened!! Come on JTV, you can do better than that! You owe your fans an explanation of some kind every time this happens!!

    Rhonda Winters

  • I didn't hear that British left. I heard Lance was still there behind the scene.

    By the way, I saw Skip on another shopping network. He looks more "dresssed up" and completely out of place!! He belongs with jewelry. Oh well, I hope no one else leaves.

  • I Saw British's last show with Sharon over the weeked but I don't think she said where she was going, only that she was headed back to Florida.

  • Hi, everyone. We posted an announcement about British on our facebook wall yesterday. I shared the message she had written to all of her fans. Yes, Lisa, you are correct about Florida. British's husband received an exciting offer but it mean relocating there. We wish them both all of the very best. :o)

  • Thanks Dana. Can you give us an update on Scott? I heard him say he was having trouble with his voice. I wish him the very best.

  • Thank you Dana for keeping us informed. You do a great job & we really appreciate all you do.


  • Scott seems to having quite a time with his voice, but I haven't heard anything other than he had a reduced schedule for the time being--resting the ol' vocal chords. Thanks for asking about him.

    Lisa C., Sheree is pursuing interests outside of JTV and has been gone for a few months. Angie moved away from TN, and last time we facebooked she was happy and in love. ;o) Katie and Craig decided to also pursue other avenues outside of JTV, and although I haven't personally heard from them, they are consistent posters on facebook, so perhaps you could get the scoop there on them. Sorry I don't know more. :o)

    And thanks for the kind words for me, ladies. I love my job as Community Manager and people like you make it even better. :o)

    Have a great weekend, all. Don't forget to read the JTV Weekend Update on the blog, so you can be informed of some of the highlights on the weekend. jtv.com/blog

  • I am THRILLED Scott is back, even if reduced airing. His analagy of dispersion and brilliane to music was awesome.

  • Matthew, I wonder what you think now that all but Michelle from GemsTv are gone from Jtv. Your prediction of Gems hosts taking over the Jtv hosts spots was wrong. jtv would never get rid of the best hosts.

  • I don't miss them at all!!

    I do miss Sherre and Angie. I know we've discussed that enough, so please don't reply.

    My other favorites are still there and hope they don't leave.

  • I don't think that any of the old hosts will leave. They are too much loved by their fans for Jtv to do that. And I miss Sheree too. But that is another story.

  • I agree with Jill...I think the current hosts are here to stay..I hope. I do miss Nicole, Angela and Sheree..However, they all have lives, goals and aspirations. If you watch the other shopping channels, they all have had big changes too! It is the nature of the industry.

    Enjoy the afternoon. Summer isd here..what happened to spring??

  • Ellen, I miss you too and all the great customers! Hope you have a blessed day!

  • What happened to Avi, does anyone know? I really miss her!!!

  • Not sure. She has a facebook page. She's been gone a long time... I liked her for both jewelry and gemstones.

  • I'm glad to get an update on Angela Morgan.

  • Recently, I saw both Katie and Nicole on Liquidation Channel. What I hate is that the hosts keep insisting we are part of their "family" yet hosts come and disappear without a word. They just disappear from the face of the earth. I Loved Sheree, Valerie, Nicole and Cheryl (who is back mostly overnite). Some of the guys are on another shopping channel selling watches.

  • PS, Avi is back. Cuter than ever!


  • I Loved Tamara Mazzetti.. she was awesome.. Cheryl Ells is gone..(again)..Kristin is back.. I can not STAND Rebecca.. sorry.. but Avi is not on there anymore..hasn't been for awhile now...

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