Updates on Ex-hosts

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  • Hi Linda... I will be back in Feb. Baby and I are great, thank you for checking :)


    P.S. I don't have a sis that worked there. Not exactly sure who you are thinking of?

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  • Are you thinking of Brook? She had short dark hair or maybe Angie?

  • Does anyone know what happened to Angela Morgan?

  • Hey Linda,it was Brooke,she and I worked together alot She became a great friend of mine She has a heart of gold!!,she also cohosted with Robert.

    She has moved back to South Carolina where she married her high school sweetheart:) to Carol.. Angela is great!!!.She has a facebook page on here,she is working for herself and is doing motivational things with women:)

  • linda, nicole works for perry's..she also has a fb page..i know nothing regarding tamara

  • WOW thanks for the updates. We watch you all for a long time and all of a sudden poof you are gone. And Casey the baby and your little girl are beautiful.

  • i forgot about watching casey..was busy rescheduling flights..gosh i needed it, especially since Sheree left!

  • Linda, yes Sheree is gone from JTV. Go to Callie Lewis' FB page (she was the Jewel School buyer) and Callie confirms neither she nor Sheree are at JTV any longer.

  • linda and carole,

    angela is on facebook and looks terrific. she is doing motivational things, i think WITH brittish. check it out on fb..also, nicole seems happy and has lots of projects going on..both are fb friens of mine..cheryl seems happy and is 9on fb..as for tamara, clueless. she used to work a lot withs Sharon.

  • ok I have a question and I hope I am in the right place to ask it. there was a host who said she was be coming a leperary (sp), I believe she was with Tommy. where is she? am I just not seeing her?

    Help :-)

  • I have a question as I am not Facebook savvy. Everyone is talking about Callie's Facebook page etc and also there must be a Jewel School Facebook page as well

    How do I get to them? This is the only one I was able to find.

    Thanks to anyone that can help this Facebook challenged old person. Heck, I don't even own a cell phone! I guess I should come out of the 20th century and join the 21st! LOL

  • Brenda,

    I don't remember a host saying that. I'll be curious to hear who it is..

  • Linda,

    I'm with you. I'm missing Sheree a lot. She was new to the on air arena when Nicole, Tamara and Cheryl all left. Apparently she was a boss of some sort and then went on the air. I seem to remember that Sheree started with jewelry and then went into the gemstone side. I bet that is when she got the "bug" or love of gemstones.

  • Janice,

    There is no fb page for Jewel School but if you go back to the top of this page, there are topics and many pertain to jewel school. I suspect that is where you will find what you need.


  • I stand corrected..go to top and go to discussions.

  • Hi, everyone. Thank you for such a thoughtful discussion. It warms my heart to hear you discuss what our show hosts have meant to you over the years. Being here for almost 11 years myself, I can really identify with some of your comments. And Linda, thank you for your message. I will share your thoughts with the appropriate teams here at JTV. :o) - Dana, JTV.com Community Manager

  • I just started watching JTV last year and have become hooked. I agree with the comments about missing Sheree. I loved watching her with Scott and on Jewel

    School. She was very knowledgeable, funny and full of enthusiasm! She also was an excellent instructor on the how to videos.

  • JTV ROCKS ( to quote Shawn) love Misty, Nikki, Robert & Sharon for jewelry the best and Scott is such an educator on the gems side and Tommy is awesome too can't imagine life without JTV

    Dana, it's awesome that you come and reply to our comments and questions, I for one, really appreciate it

  • In my mind all of our favorite hosts are being pushed out by the former GemsTv hosts.

  • glad to see you feel the same way as I do Matthew!

  • Are you just saying that or is that how you really feel.

  • not just saying that, that's my true feelings

  • I think there are only four GemsTV hosts that are with JTV now. The ones I am aware of are Katie, Craig, Michele and British. British does mostly jewelry shows on very late evenings, Michele and Craig are working the gems shows, and Katie began doing Jewel School late last summer, I think. I can't see where any of these people with the slots they have filled are forcing out any JTV hosts. Any host (or hosts) who have left recently seem to have left on their own. Who has left? Sheree Henry did, and no one has yet figured that one out as it seemed to come out of the blue. Skip Connelly doesn't seem to be there anymore, but he never did shows by himself, only seemed to make guest appearances every once in awhile Callie left, but she was a buyer. Does anyone know of anyone else? I just don't see the current GemsTV hosts pushing anyone out. JTV needs "some" extra people around so people can take vacations, be off when they are ill, etc. Casey just came back from having a baby, so she didn't leave or quit. A lot of our other favorite JTV hosts left before the GemsTV people came. JTV let go some people during the winter of 2009 because the economy was bad and they seemed to be cutting back. But other than this, I can't think who is getting the shaft from GemsTV hosts. Let us know if you know of anyone else. . .

  • Brooke who did the amazing race never came back after that show aired.

  • I also was wondering about Skip, he was very informative. I still miss Angela, she had a wonderful laugh. I also miss Sherri, she was a very good host. I wish JTV could bring them back as they were a great asset for JTV. We'll just have to accept the way things are,or stop watching and buying jewelry and I don't think any of us want to do that!

  • I am boycotting jewel school when Kim is on, but I agree we need to deal with it, but if any more great hosts leave, so will I

  • I don't care for Jewel school myself I am a gemstones kind of guy.

  • Me Too!! I did leave it on just to watch Sherri for a few minutes because she is so pleasant and nice.

  • I first saw JTV when Patara was on. I spent about three hours until I fell asleep last night trying to think of her name. I have heard she may still be with the company, but I would love an update on her. I love JTV and could be really addicted except without cable it is only on from midnight to 6 am. I wish I had more money to spend. I have a diamond taste on a sand (or glass) budget.

  • I don't know Patara. I suppose she was on before I started watching JTV. I totally relate about a small budget for buying jewelry. I'm sure I would buy more if the shipping wasn't so expensive, they do have good buys on often but the shipping charges are too much. I usually wait for free or reduced shipping. I'm sorry about complaining, I'm sure everyone(or almost) is having difficulty these days.

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