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  • Thank you JTV for taking Kim shopping for some new clothes and for getting her a new hairstyle. She actually looked nice for a change the other night while she was taking Brook's late evening shift. NOW, if someone could do something with her quirkiness. . . I just turn her off when she is on. Yes, Jewel School with Mandy and Michele on Thursday was very boring compared to the regular shows. However, I'm sure Sheree and Katie deserved a vacation and we will all be glad to have them back! Sheree OWNS Jewel School and Katie is great, too.

  • kim looked really good this morning and i like her ring of savings dance!

  • When Wendy was hosting the exclusively gold show today,she repeatedly stated that NO retail stores are selling solid gold anymore--only gold tone and gold plate--COMPLETELY UNTRUE. Also, after stating that gold is at an all time record high at $1347/oz.a couple of times in an hour--there is no need to say it another 40 times. WE GET IT!!!

  • please check the description on OCA100 it says tanzanite in the heading but the description says topaz...and the price is definitely topaz.

    Also, please check the spelling on the website under new jewelry and on the television for STERLing.....someone has misspelled it and it keeps reappearing in a lot of the descriptions.

  • Hi everyone! I don't know if this is the proper topic for this or not, I've looked but don't see anything specific about hosts.

    I really enjoy JTV when Mandy is hosting or co-hosting. She's so vibrant and fun without being shrill. Since our house is on a 3rd shift schedule, I really enjoy being able to see her late night or early morning. I tuned in early this morning to watch and was a bit disappointed. It kept sounding like she was eating something. Then later I saw her actually sucking on something while the camera was on her and Craig. I don't know if she needed something for her throat or was eating hard candy or a certs. Whatever was happening it was very distracting. I realise this is late night. I know the hosts must talk constantly. I know it is not an easy job. And I do love Mandy. She's one of my favorite hosts. I just wish she hadn't been eating last night/this morning while talking. It distracted from what was being shown and was unprofessional in appearance.

    One of the other things that bothers me is how some of the hosts snipe at each other. I understand that maybe it is supposed to be all in fun and good humor but at times it does not come across that way. Last week (I believe but it could have been earlier this week) Robert and Sheree were hosting. The exchanges between those two were not especially nice. Maybe they just don't work well together or maybe I took the comments the wrong way. They came across a bit snarky and didn't sound playful at all, more like two little kids who despise one another.

    Thanks for listening to my concerns.

  • I really wish JTV could keep more accurate inventory records. Just had two separate orders canceled by your company because of discrepancies. Even then I only found out because it was taking so long to get my order so I called. Customer service did not come across as genuinely apologetic. Very disappointing experience. Oh well ... my $$ will go elsewhere. But perhaps you should check into why items just seem to "disappear" ... this couldn't be good for the bottom line!

  • For better prices try checking out...


    click on Live TV link. It airs everyday from 5pm to 7pm Pacific time.

  • this too has happened to me and is very dissapointing. i have had three of my orders canceled and that tied up my money and had to wait overe a month for an item because it sold out they told me. i have a problem understanding this. it seems like it happens when it says they have one or two left of an item. so i don,t order things like that anymore. it,s too annoying.

  • If you love jewelry visit my page

    www.facebook.com/CandyAppleJewelry for some fun accessories!

  • Start doing a better job of quality controll becasue not once but twice I have had to contact jtv for the right product because the last time that I ordered an item the right item number came but it was the wrong item. Speed up the process when a credit is owed for a return item.

  • Thanks for your posts, everyone. I sincerely apologize for the problems you have experienced.I have shared each of your posts with the appropriate parties and can assure you that your concerns are being heard.

    If I can be of service , please don't hesitate to message me, JTV Dana, directly. I'll do my best to help.

    Thank you,

    - Dana, JTV.com Community Manager

  • I have found quality control to be very poor. Recently received a pendant with a crack through the middle of it. The crack appeared to be old, as it was brown on the back of the stone. Also received several pieces over the past few months with gross manufacturing defects. Have received plastic bags of jewelry that are dusty and dingy.

    Smart Labels are often charged to the customer, regardless of whether the item they are returning is damaged/broken/defective. It does not build customer loyalty to charge a customer to return an item that is defective.

    Customer service representatives are sometimes not professional and don't do everything they can to help the customer. I have had experience with rude and unprofessional representatives.

    Hosts often act like the Beverly Hillbillies. This detracts from the credibility of the company.

    Returns take way too long to process. Even orders take too long sometimes. Have been waiting for a pendant to ship since I ordered it on 10/20 and it still hasn't shipped yet. It is 11/2. That is 12 days. Returns take forever. If you are lucky enough to get a refund, it is almost always just a partial refund.

    Can't trust quality. Since returns are such a pain in the butt, if you don't get something that is right (either damaged or ugly), you can pretty much expect to eat the loss.

  • Hi, Jasmine. Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you've had trouble with the quality of some of our products as well with the state you have received them in. If you receive a damaged item, you should not have to pay to return it to us. Please let me know if I can help you in a particular situation if this has been the case with you.

    Thank you,

    - Dana, JTV.com Community Manager

  • hope you continue with the Moisante line ! Love it and your prices!

  • How does one start a new topic? I would like to know what "jewels" that were unexpected that people find in their mixed parcels or mega mixes. I am new to gem collecting and am very interested in other customer's responses on their finds in the parcels.



  • Click on Start New Topic on the top right hand corner of the screen.

  • I just wish the Program Guide was a little more accurate or updated more frequently.

  • Please do something about your shipping charges. The free shipping was great and I ordered so much at that time. Now I have turned to Fire Mountain Gems, Shipwreck beads, and ArtClay USA. They all have one low shipping rate $5.00.

    There quality and selection is much better and the prices are lower. If your jewelry business is doing well and you get a tax id # these places will sell at wholesale to you. Sorry JTV, but you shipping prices are out of control which leads to searching for better quality and service towards the consumer.

  • Debra Crowder

    I looked and couldn't find "Start New Topic" on my screen. I'm wondering if anyone else has been stocking up on these semi-mounts only to find that the stones DON'T fit! I have spent a lot on these and it will be very costly to return all or keep guessing which size stone to order.

    I'm not great on the computer but the hosts are always asking us to e-mail them and I can't figure out how to do that either. Any suggetions?

  • Are you talking about the new semi-mounts that they are selling? I ordered 2 and sent one back because I couldnt fit my 11x9mm stone in it and all the 10x8mm stones I have were too small. I assumed it was only this one ring that had a problem

  • Debra Crowder

    I have ordered 15-20 and so far only one stone fits the semi-mount. I'm waiting on a few stones 1 size smaller but there is no guarantee they will work. Lot's of shipping charges to find the right stone, maybe better to send them all back.

    Wish we could JTV's input on this problem!

  • My husband bought me a pair of earrings from JTV at christmas and they arrived broken so we returned them and they were out of stock so I opted for a refund. I purchased another pair of earrings and they to arrived broken so I returned them for a replacement pair. Now a month later they are sending me a replacement pair for the original pair of earrings that I wanted a refund for and never got. It was a bit annoying and if I didnt love both earrings I would have been really upset.

  • I would like to know why Heidi is allowed on TV looking like she does. No makeup, Hair a total mess. She repeats everything twice, is she getting paid by the word?

    I would also like to know why JTV keeps Wendy. She sounds like she is stopped up all the time and talks so fast it is like she is speaking another language.

    AND don't even get me started on Sharon...She talks so fast you can't understand her and she owns everything she sells, give me a break.

    Are these three related to each other and the owner of JTV?

  • I would like to know where Lance is - Have not seen him for a while - My husband order a item on 3/19 and it's still in Quality Control - when ever we call the C.S. person says I will send an email and call you back with an answer - We are still waiting for the answer - It's like the Twilight Zone -

  • oh please it took me almost 2 months to receive a pair of earrings..love "quality control". i even asked for a refund and that was in "quality control" and they didnt refund my money, just sent me the earrings. wierd!

  • i had such a terrible experience that i am not so sure i would buy anything else from jtv.

  • Is Kim Prentiss no longer with JTV? I moved away for awhile & came back so I may have missed something.

    RE: Jewel School-it seems like a 2 hour infomercial rather than a learning show! Honestly it seems those poor artists get about 10 minutes of airtime and the rest is SELLING! Why not let the artists be the focus then build kits, wire, beads, etc around their art form?!

    RE: sales-wouldn't it be nice to offer a discount if the customer chooyto purchase a suite of jewelry?! For example-if there's a necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring all sold individually-but the customer wants all or even just some of the PCS...lower the price a few bucks or perks for each pc purchased! And free shipping would be great, too!

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