missing hosts

  • I knew Sheree, Katie & Craig left but when & why did Lance leave??

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  • Hi, Sandy. I responded to your post on the wall, but Lance is still with JTV. He has decided to pursue another opportunity within the company. Thanks, Dana

  • thanks Dana, He's a very nice gentleman! I enjoyed seeing him on air as well as when I met him at the JTV gem store

  • I hope Sharon is on vacation and will be back soon. I don't like when the favorite host leave.

  • British posted that Sharon is taking some time off to be with her Mom who has been ill for some time now. I'm sure she would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

  • Dana posted it as well

  • I'm sorry about Sharon's mom being ill. I pray she recovers soon and Sharon can be back on JTV. Thanks for the info.

  • Gone … I am sooooo gone. After MONTHS of worthless conversations and communications, I am leaving JTV and Jewel School. Me and my significant $$$$$$ have been long time supporters of JTV but after MONTHS of their inability to fix the problems with their system and their TOTAL inability to address these problems, I and my $$$ am leaving JTV. I have asked them for MONTHS to contact me, via my cell phone or email, because of problems I have CONTINUALLY had. And NO contact until today, when I informed them that I had had enough of their inattention to my all my NUMEROUS emails and phone calls and had taken all my $$ elsewhere. Shall I say my $40, 000 a YEAR!! YES, my $40,000 a year account at JTV and they don’t even bother to place a phone call after 3 months of registered complaints through DANA, the supposed Online Community Manager, for JTV, who has continually done NOTHING, until I hound her to do so. And yes, I spent $40,000 a year and they STILL do not have decency to call me to rectify the problems they have. So, if they do not care about the customers who spend $ 40,000 a year, what makes you think they will care about those of you who spend less??? Good luck, but I am GONE!!!!!!

  • I also spend a sugnificant amount of $$ annually on JTV (not 40 K) but about 15K, and have stopped ordering anything when a certain host is on. Instead, I wait till she is off air and order what I need/want. Don't know what your specific issue is, and I'm sorry you are having issues. I hope it all works out

  • I'm sure this post will be deleted, but I found art clay less than 1/2 price elsewhere as well as several other jtv jewel school deals...including a 1 lb bag of bargains for $9

  • I started buying J.S. items in the past 6 months - I have to agree the multi bead kits are not as good as a couple of months ago - I also do not watch J.S. because of a certain host - I look over the items on Monday but the deals they once had is not there - I did buy the easy knotter and its so much fun

  • you are loosing out then as today's JS is smoking. So far, two great kits..

    how many times do you have to mention your dislike for the certain host? we all get it already...why not give it a rest?

  • Ellen, You don't have to reply to my comments - We all know you love Kim and think she is a great host - I don't - As for todays show I'm not into art clay - I llike the beading and wire wrap - If I continue to voice my opinion maybe they will get a new host -

  • You are missing the point I was trying to make. Kim is not perfect, nor any of the hosts. What you are mistaking for love is a person who has been in her shoes showing empathy for the situation.

    My posts have been that she was in a tough situation and thrown into it with no training. What I was trying to achieve with my last large posting was for you and other unhappy viewers to use respectful. appropriate, diplomatic, and ethical feedback....basically observe the Netiquette rules of the internet. "you get more ants with honey."

    It absolutely blows my mind that you feel an explanation is owed to you. Dana has posted about this in the past.

    Truthfully I am thinking that you are a far kinder person than the one portrayed in your posts.

    have a great weekend.


  • Thanks Ellen, maybe I do need to take a step back

  • Pattie, thank you and enjoy the rest of the gem show, if u r watching..


  • I had to do the same thing a little while ago. You said you do beading and wire wrapping so I thought I'd let you know..they had a 4 strand silica kit..around 10/strand. Also Dale Armstrong will be the guest on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it.

  • Hello, everyone. The following is a repeat post in response to multiple postings by Ms. Jones that other Community Members have responded to. I want to make sure that Community is aware that we are attempting to resolve the issue. Please pardon the repetition.

    "Ms. Jones, words cannot express how awful I feel that I was not able to resolve the email issue for you--I really tried. I apologize profusely for having added to your frustration with us, and can only hope that my ineffectiveness in this matter will not prevent you from allowing someone else here to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. Several people here at JTV have been trying to reach you at the number we were given. Please contact Customer Care at 800-581-3002 and ask for a Customer Care Manager. They are well aware of the situation and are waiting to do what it takes to make this right."

    Thank you, Dana, JTV.com Community Manager

  • When will Sharon be back? Last time I saw her with Robert and that was quite a while ago.

  • I know Craig left JTV, but where did he go? I loved him. By far my favorite host.

  • Wendy, I believe Sharon is scheduled to return later this week. Becky, I haven't heard where Craig is now--sorry I can't be of more help on that one. - Dana, JTV.com Community Manager

  • Now that British is leaving JTV(her last show was early this AM) there are no more hosts from GEMSTV--I wonder why they have all left.

  • was brittish on gemstv? i thought she came from working with Carolyn Strous from hsn? so where did brian comr from? i thought he was also from gemstv. michelle is srill there and she was from gemstv.

    in the industry they are in, there is always a lot of movement,,in the last couple years, numerous hosts from hsn and qvc went to shopnbc.guess it isn't uncommon.

  • British was on hsn years ago but right before Gemstv went under,she substituted there for the last few weeks. Brian came from hsn also.

  • its seems odd the gems host left around the same time. bet michelle will be next. too bad someone cant be honest and just tell everyone the truth about why everyone is leaving. the only host i trust now is robert. the others seem to lie about things "being a mistake or soldout" someone else wrote about this problem. they think their customers are stupid. sad. i really enjoyed british. she knew how to communicate to her audience. she is graceful and tactful. she should do her own show. some of the older hosts should use her for an example.

  • Carol, Thanks for the update. i used to be a HSN junkie before JTV the last 5 or so years..that must be how I missed Brian. I remember Brittish from HSN too...There has been a huge turnover at those other channels. I never saw Gems tv as we didn't get it. I'm sure another shopping channel would not have been received well by huibby..lol

  • I have to say I'm surprised poor British didn't leave a long time ago.They constantly had her hawking jewelry in the wee overnight hours and most of what she sold in my opinion[no offense to those who liked it]was the ugly church lady type jewelry.Sorry jtv but I found the type of stuff you stuck her with as she was a woman of color to be a bit offensive.Sort of like you were having her target black women specifically.No wonder she left.Anyway I hated the stuff she was always selling but I found her to be honest and quite a refreshing change from some of the other fake hosts on JTV so even though I never really cared for her product.I watched her anyway as I'm abit of an insomniac.What will I watch now?I have noticed it seems to me that there are quite a few repeat segments of shows from earlier in the day or evening being played in British's former spot and I'm not too happy about it.Wherever you are British,please know we miss you and Craig and Katie also.Too bad JTV doesn't get rid of some of the more annoying hosts but then most of them are Grandfathered in,if you get my drift!!!!!!!

  • yes, I liked British too. Such a shame that she left. I would have liked to have seen her at more reasonable hours too.

  • Can ayone tell me what Sheree's last name is. My husband and I are arguing over this. I know she is gone and I miss her very much. What also happened to Katie and Brook?

  • her last name is Henry. Hope you win!