Cheryl back?

  • is it true that Cheryl is back? If yes, is this for good? If she's back, congrats Cheryl, have missed you.

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  • Can it be that Cheryl is back at JTV????????? I have all but given up watching JTV. Also have discovered that the less I watch, the less I really don't miss the channel. Certainly, my pocketbook is in much better shape! However, I can truly say that it would be a coup to have Cheryl Ells back on JTV. JTV should kiss the ground Cheryl walks on because she is one sharp gal and it was a shame they let her go in the first place. I learned so much from Cheryl and trusted her comments completely. It's just too bad JTV can't seem to hang on to the talent they have had. Makes me wonder what goes on there. . .

  • wondering what goes on there...I think that they need to go back to the core values they started with when they were called ACN!

    It seems to me (this is just my opinion) that ever since they brought in this new CEO a couple of years ago, that things became more about money than anything else. I really think bringing him in has hurt this company. I am not one who likes to see people lose their jobs, but I really think he and a certain JS host both need to be gone.

  • When flipping though channels tonight I was amazed to see Cheryl back on JTV. This is the only positive I have seen from JTV in quite s long time. She was always so knowledgable and honest. I rarely watch anymore and haven't bought in months and months;in fact, just last week I put all my gemstones/ gem jars away (50+) boxes plus at least that many plastic bagies. Also, I no longer watch or buy from JS because it's so terrible these days and a year ago I wouldn't miss it for anything.

    Now that Cheryl is back, I plan to watch her shows because she was the best host JTV has had.Welcome back Cheryl.I'l be looking forward to your show.

  • cheryl is on this Monday, est 5 am...

    A couple years ago, the country was in very bad shape. I am guessing that is what lead to many changes and to JTVs growth..As Dawn has said, and Jerry, they were able to purcghase goods for pennies on the dollar because of the demise of lots of Jewelry Companies.

    Many of the countries state's, including CT (where I live) are going through this right now. We are about to face many cuts and possibly lay offs, possibly small business closings and who knows what else. It is unfortunate and many will suffer. i see it as "survival of the fittest"...companies, states,and governments are doing what they have to in order to survive.

    LET'S ALL BE GRATEFUL for what we have and for the return of Cheryl.

  • I guess I was out of the loop (no pun intended) but tuned in this morning to see Cheryl was back! I'm thrilled. She's always been a favorite, and has been missed! Welcome back Cheryl!!!

  • The other evening I fell asleep watching JTV gemstones and Dawn was on. I awoke hearing a familiar voice with Dawn. To my shock and delight, I discovered it was Cheryl. Welcome back, Cheryl. I certainly missed you and your insightful knowledge of gemstones.

  • Help JS Cheryl ???????????

  • Cheryl was on selling gemstones for years and was off JTV until recently. I'm not sure of her last name but it may be Ells.

  • Cheryl. Welcome back. You know so much and are so easy to listen to when you try to teach use new things. I am so glad you're back. Have missed you.

  • Hello Cheryl, nice to see you are back. Missed you.

  • deleted? hmm,,,JTV needs to have more of the old host back!!! Cheryl was and is now one of the best one they had and now have.

  • Dean, the post that was deleted was posted by someone other than yourself and contained comments of an inflammatory nature. - Dana, JTV.com Community Manager

  • yep. Saw that after my post. Moving about the web to fast, I am:) thanks.

  • Can't wait for a "stuff in quartz" show with you..If I remeber correctly, your favs are lepidacrrosite and medusa quartz..

  • ??? no,,I like ruby, rut. quartz, drusy qtz, emerald, garnets all kinds....to many to list

  • ha Cheryl welcome back. I too have been watching for years and have watched most all your shows and trusted your advice and opinions. Maybe you were teaching/informing your customers to much for someone at JTVs taste. Don't know, just guessing. But I am very glad to see you back. Yaaaaaa

    Your a hoot and very informative at the same time. don't find that very often. Anyway, glad to see you

  • Cheryl was the only reason I watched and bought from JTV in the first place. Cannot stomach the female name dropping hostess, so I stopped watching/buying when Cheryl was "let go". She's the greatest gemstone teacher/advocate and truly is an asset to JTV. Back to my extra money going to JTV because of Cheryl Ells!