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  • Still trying to get some help installing the Kindle app. I have one of the new color models from QVC - open Android system - no market place installed on device. I have downloaded all kinds of apps with no problem but when trying to install Borders or Kindle app it tries to install but then gives me a message "Kindle cannot be installed on this device" I know there has to be a work around and I am hoping someone will be able to help. I have tried installing from device and SD card. I also tried installing an older version of the Kindle apk - no luck....same message

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  • please post the apps that work and were you got them on the discussion board under "tried and tested apps"

    try this wed suite:

  • I have the black 7" 2GB, was wondering if I go to the on my pandigital can I just download the kindle app? or do I need to do something else for it to accept it. Thanks for any help

  • I am not sure about the 2gb one but when I downloaded the Kindle app it downloaded but would not install - other apps do install. But I did not know the 2 gb was an open platform to allow apps?

  • its not unless you hack it seethe discussion board under "preston hack" youll need a blank sd card

  • Mark,

    thanks for info. got apps from freewarelovers.. ALL work fine EXCEPT kindle. It DID download..hit install n tapped to open.. screen popped up BUT wont respond to go to archive to get books. Nothing.. Any clues?

  • yup me too - all apps I have gotten from freewarelovers work except the Kindle app and the Borders app. Thet start to install and then I get a message that it cannot be instlled on this device. I think Pandigital blocked them on purpose. I hope someone figures out a work around

  • some apps will work and some wont the os is to slow try google: kindle app1.6 and borders app 1.6 or kindle app apk1.6 and borders app apk1.6 if you find one that works please post it on the discussion board under "apps for the 7"

    Mark A.

  • kindle app works great mark. thanks!

  • I have downloaded and installed the kindle app on my PD 7" 2 gig Tablet that bought from QVC. I have downloaded a book but don't know where to find and read the book. Help

  • Jean, did you register on Kindle? I had to register on my Novel and then it worked fine.

  • I have purchased the WPDN and have downloaded the firmware update. I would like to download the firemwarelovers Kindle app but am not sure how to get it into my PDN. Could someone walk this through with me? Do I download it to my laptop first and then transfer it over to my PDN? If so, how is that done?

  • Okay, so I was able to get the app to my WPDN. I tried to get a book from Kindle, but the download failed. What else do I need to do? I downloaded the app from

  • try the mediafire download 6 post above this

  • I tried that file too. sent the tablet back to qvc. bought a ereader/tablet 2 gig 7" black

  • I liked the ereader/tablet better too Jean. Hope you like it and it works good for you! Let me know how it is after you get it....

  • I got it and love it.... No problem at all.

  • I tried the Mediafire download on my WPDN with no luck I cant get any of my books. I even tried creating another account on amazon.

  • I got it directly from Amazon - works on my WPDN

  • Priscilla McGuire Johnson

    I am having trouble with the Kindle app. I have the WPDN and recently loaded the GAPP firmware. When I first clicked on the Kindle app, it would not open my books (they are there). It says to remove book and go to Archived Items to download again. I did that, but get the same error message in Archived Items. I have deregistered it and registered it, also uninstalled the Kindle app and reinstalled; but still can get books to open. They start to download it archived but want complete. Any help?

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    Priscilla McGuire Johnson Here's how I fixed the problem. Removed all the books from the WPN, deleted the app. Went to Amazon from my computer deregistered my Novel from there. Reinstall and registered Kindle app to Novel. Back to computer - from Amazon account have books delivered wireless through there. All came over immediately and opens correctly. Hope this helps someone.

  • I tried this fix and again it didn't work. Guess I am going to have to go buy a Kindle to read all the books I have downloaded. Thanks everyone who tried to help me. That was the main reason I got the wpdn so I could read all my books on one reader.

  • Ok I am in the same boat got my pandigital e reader from QVC and love it but am unable to get a app that will upload to my PD,Alicen wonderland r u saying that I need to register on kindle with my e reader?? let me know if anyone with a pandigital e reader has got a app that will work, Thanks, Bev

  • I was trouble with my white 7", and finally have it working. I could download the app and all seemed well, but when I would try to open books from the archived area I would get error saying to delete and redownload. After deleting and reinstalling kindle app numerous times I asked for amazon support to call me, which they did right away. The support guy was very kind and knowledgeable and got me up and going. Before calling them I had downloaded the kindle droid app and the amazon app store from amazon and installed them. I am up and running now without any problems. Please check out the support page on amazon for kindle android support. Hope this helps.

  • I tried to dowload the oldest version of kindle, I had called pandigital and they said that was the only option but it went on then when tried to finish it said was not adaptable to my device? any more suggestions??

  • kindle will only work on the white and 9" unit

  • ok - did the firmware update; now it won't let me install from the amazon app store.. what gives. so frustrating..

    I have W7PDN

  • @ Terry Tabor, U r telling me you can upload to your pandigital from kindle app?? mine is the 7 inch and not the 9 inch white one like they r saying you have to have to get this up and running? if this so re explain it to me, I would be so happy because there r so many free books out there from kindle, amazon, Bev

  • Ok - I downloaded one of the newest WPN7 firmware updates and it actually came with the kindle. The link for it is on slatedroid; I'll see if I can find it.

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