• I keep reading or catching hints that 2012's 39's day was the last one...

    is this true?? can we get a confirmation or not? I've read that it was listed as "the final day of the concerts" meaning that the 3/8/2012 and 3/9/2012 shows (there were 4 in total)... not the final one FOREVER.

    can anyone shed some light on this?

    Will there be Hatsune Miku live performances in the future?

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  • There's already been a bunch of forum topics asking; that said, it's unlikely to be the last one ever. The concensus is that it's the last one of that format, with those songs and those bands. There will be more in the future, maybe once the English version is released. This is by no means the end of the Vocaloids, it's just the beginning.

  • Let it be knowst that "39" was actually the name of the band for those concerts. what was announced is that it is the last concert for "39" with Miku, not the last concert for Miku

  • Well let's go by facts. Theses concerts follow a pattern parallel with an upcoming or previous Miku game. Hatsune Miku came out in 2009. A year later the 2010 concert happened which followed the release of Project Diva dreamy theater and then Project Diva 2nd. And after Mikupa in Tokyo 2011 came Dreamy Theater 2. Then after Mikunopolis and Mikupa Live in Sapporo and Singapore came Project Diva Extend. Now shortly after the last 2 concerts came Project Mirai and Miku Flick.

    It seems most of the concerts occur before the release of a brand new game. SEGA appear to have a large hand in organizing the concerts since the models are running on the Project Diva engine. So my guess is that as long as SEGA is developing Miku games they will host concerts. Because these concerts also serve as ads, you know.

    So will there is no doubt there will be miku concerts.

    Project Diva Next is coming out next year as well as a PS3 miku game so you can predict they will have a major event to promote it.

    Also I read somewhere they trying to improve the technology to generate a concert lvl miku design for the games. I'll try to the find the article later.

  • Actually Miku's "birthday" is 31/August/2007. The first concert was in early autumn of 2009, I believe.

  • Yeah, Yeah. ~_~

    What's more important is that concert are centered around the release date of SEGA's Miku games so they are somewhat predictable.

  • That might have been more coincidental than a part of a "grand scheme". ^_^

  • Yeah. She's far beyond needing video games to help promote her at this point.

  • I always thought '39' could be pronounced 'miku' which is why they chose march 9th for the concert days....

    although, I know the 39's giving day "san-kyuu" sounds like 'thank you' so maybe I'm mixing this up a bit (my japanese is still pretty terrible..)

    all I know is I'm kind of impatient, so if the mikupa/ 39's day/ vocaloid concert thing doesn't come back to the US anytime soon, I was going to plan a trip to go to Japan next year since its been a really long time since i took a vacation.

    I went to a live viewing in NYC Nov 10th last year and promised myself if the show came anywhere stateside that I would go.

  • Actually, the march ninth concerts are because Miku is 3 (Mi) and 9 (Ku/kyuu). I was at Mikunopolis and I can tell you that it was pretty amazing. The sea of glowsticks from some 6500 people was a sight to behold. It's a bit like baseball, you can't fully appreciate it unless you're actually there seeing it live. I would deffinitely recommend anyone going to see it if they can; the technology is really amazing.

  • "Coincidental" in business does not make sense where things are planned to minimize risks of loss. SEGA is primarily a game company whose main revenue comes from game hardware and software. No company can float on concert profit alone, especially not from something hosted once a year.

    And from what i can tell, they are following the CoD model of releasing a game every year.

    I think what's the most important question is when or if there will ever be another overseas? The two overseas concerts were sponsored by Toyota using Miku as her poster girl to sell Corollas overseas. Not sure how profitable it was for them, but there has been no other current news about hosting any more concerts.

  • The problem is the language barrier. Foreign concerts in the USA tend to fall flat unless they're an english speaking group because Americans like to know what the song is about. There's something special to be said about a synthetic singer who not only penetrates the rather tough language barrier that surrounds America but then crushes it so utterly that she has one of the must see concerts of the year for the entire continent. It's a real testiment to all the hard work her producers, composers and fans put in to get her world wide recognition in a world where music is still dominated by big name celebrities.

    However, for her to become truly accepted in the United States by the main stream (and thus come back and make more money), she's got to sing in English; until then, she's going to be still a rather niche singer limited to the Japanese and those who follow Japanese media.

  • What you've said, Nicholas, is true. MikuNoPolis is a great example of the dedication of the VOCALOID community. Also as you mentioned, we don't represent mainstream.

    The actual reason for Miku (when I say Miku, I mean the CVs) not coming back is (a) the 39's band is retiring (whether temporarily or not, we'll see - a sad thing it is, such a great band with awesome personalities) and (b) SEGA is super busy with their NEXT Hatsune Miku Project DIVA for both PSVITA, set to come out this year, and PS3, for next year. Seeing the new models and the new rendering engine it's based on (not limited to two characters at once, as with the old series based on Virtua Fighter), it seems that SEGA will have to manually redo/convert/make-new each and every single module to be used. That's a ton of work - which explains why their temporarily retiring from the concert business, which is also a huge job to handle.

    Anime EXPO made an official statement saying that SEGA has other plans but 2013 may possibly hold foreign concerts - presumably after the release of NEXT HM PjD PS3 - you know - for the superior graphics ;D

    But it's all in good timing, as English Miku will take much longer than expected (seeing as we it was previously estimated to be released at about Spring 2013, but now Itoh says "by the end of the year"), and the recent FINK demo leaves much to be desired. We don't actually know the full potential of her English because (a) the song was not fit for clear pronunciation, and (b) FINK is not a very experienced VOCALOID user, albeit a known musician (likely why CryptonFM chose him). Even Ballet Mecanique was better. In fact, it BM (oops) showed that Miku is capable of singing English without going the "kawaiiMOEdesu" route - she sounded pretty serious, except, you know "MEER rrr" (mirror) and "skahs" (skies). One thing I'm really hoping for Miku is that she has the flexibility for accepted English pronunciation (like, singing not as you speak - "my" = "mah", or underpronunciation (in contrast, Engloids like Sweet Ann and Big Al suffer overpronunciation)) as well as her classic cutesy voice. The general population tends to go for the former choice. Combine this with a catchy song (as long as the lyrics are English, as you said) and I think it'll catch on. I mean, if people really cared about what the songs in mainstream USA are saying today (drugs, alcohol, [other stuff], etc.), I don't quite think they'd be listening to them. But if we can have VOCALOID bring poetry back into music and get past those "gotta go for platinum label!" or "I'm gonna buy a cake for JB's birthday!" record companies and ravaging fans (respectively, of course ;P), I think we just might start a revolution :D

    But until then, what you said. :P

  • ChiBinh Gnad@ well not to nickpick. But there are vocaloid songs about sex drugs etc, most fans on this forum seem to be unaware, for some reason though? (no offence)

  • well yes. But I believe the majority sticks to the meaning-based side (and there's tons other to choose from, anyways)

    I'm just saying that at *least* the ones that have what you said are actually saying something message-wise, something thematic or even poetic about it, rather than just repeating some catchy words (my health teacher played a song where the literally ONLY lyrics were "let's talk about ***" repeated to different rhythms. But that was seriously all they said. :O

    that's ok ;P

  • 9 march 2013, what a good day to make another concert in Tokyo with tons of new songs from project Diva F...

  • Stay Tuned. ~_^

  • When will Crypton Future Media/ Sega/ Mages and any others will talk about the next concerts ? it's getting closer to the 2013 mar. 9 now. I need to see new concert from Hatsune Miku, Kagamine rin & Len, Megurine Luka, Meiko & Kaito too.

    We need more concerts in Japan in 2013

    thank you !

  • The English version Miku VB is due for release round that time so maybe they will send her out with a bilingual concert. That would be awesome. Here's to hoping. ^_^

  • Still hoping that the Hatsune Miku English DB would be released in Spring, 2013. Even Gumi's coming in Febuary, 2013 in English... XD

    Hoping this is the last 39's concert, and the start of a new series of concerts, of course. ;)

  • To be completely honest - I love Vocaloid, and it is shame that most of thigs are really ruled by mainstream

    I mean, yes I would like what is song about, but it is not so big problem to find out on the internet, and songs are somehow right in Japaneese, altough there are only few groups who can apreciate it (those who knows language, true fans of Miku, fans of Anime and everything around)

    I definitely belong to last two groups and I know only a few lines in japaneese, even though I love those songs very much...so

    I'm not sure if I would be willing to go to concert in English, it seems somehow wrong (because concert should needs to be in europe, UK, Germany or France as best option for me) so... I'm a tron on two sides right now and I'm not sure what to do

  • Just enjoy the music. That's what I do. The rest will take care of itself. ~_^