ConsumerLab found Lead Contamination in Green Energy Powder

  • ConsumerLab reported this week that it found a high level of lead contamination in a Green Energy powder called All Day Energy Greens They found 6.0 mcg of lead in a single 10.6 g scoop, which is one serving. This is many times higher than the California Proposition 65 daily limit per serving of o.5 mcg per daily serving. They tested it because a woman reported on their Facebook page that she was experiencing high blood pressure and shakiness while she was on the product. Elevations in blood lead levels have been associated with elevations in blood pressure, especially in postmenopausal women. Keep in mind that there was no caffeine or related stimulants found in the product. This lead level also places the product right on the edge of the FDA's daily total lead intake for children.

    Now, just so you know, it is the oh so natural green powders, and herbal products that usually have the highest lead levels. People were very concerned over the heavy metals found in whey products report by Consumer Reports a while ago:

    ...but this is nothing compared to the kinds of levels found in green powder products, and also things like glucosamine arthritis supplements. Read the thread I just linked for tons of insight and information.

    ConsumerLab has reported even higher levels in other green powder products in the past. Such as Inner Light SuperGreens, with over twice the level per serving as this other one above. There was also 4.3 mcg of lead found in Nature's Way Alive! Whole Food Energizer UltraShake Vanilla, plus 12.8 mcg cadmium per serving.

    The point of this posts not to get anyone worried about green powders, however. In general, they're going to be fine. What is important, is that you realize that you cannot escape lead exposure. You are going to be ingesting lead from all sorts of food sources, and water, on a daily basis. So, what you have to keep in mind is that when one serving of a supplement gets you above the California levels, or the FDA levels, that in itself doesn't mean you are "poisoned." But, you have to consider all the other daily exposure, which, when added to this one serving, places you at great risk if you continue to consume it. All this background exposure can be considered "normal" exposure, but when it's added to this one spike of "abnormal" exposure, it's getting to be too much.

    Another product I reported on in the past was the Vita Breath supplement:

    Also see this report: Study Shows One-Fifth of Internet-Available Ayurvedic Medicines Contain Toxic Metals

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