Gospel Light VBS Themes Since 1990

  • 1990 Island in the Son

    1991 SonWard Ho! (Pioneer)

    1992 Adventures on SonMountain

    1993 Amazing Journey to Bible Times

    1994 SonCountry Farm

    1995 SonTown Family Celebration

    1996 Kingdom of the Son

    1997 SonRise Balloon Adventure

    1998 SonLight Island

    1999 SonCastle Faire

    2000 SonZone Discovery Center

    2001 SonCreek Junction

    2002 SonCanyon River Adventure

    2003 SonHarvest County Fair

    2004 SonGames

    2005 Kingdom of the Son

    2006 SonTreasure Island

    2007 SonForce Kids

    2008 SonWorld Adventure Park

    2009 SonRock Kids' Camp

    2010 SonQuest Rainforest

    2011 SonSurf Beach Bash

    2012 SonRise National Park

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  • Does anyone know where I can get ahold of song lyrics and the VBS materials from Son Country Farm 1994? I have the tape but the book has been misplaced over the years. Thanks!!

  • u have to order it

  • This is the EXACT list I was looking for. I too want to get my hands on a copy of song lyrics/music etc for some of these, just for nostalgia's sake. Wow. This brings back memories!!!

  • I NEED a teacher's book!! Any age will do!

    Psalm 40:3