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  • Please use this thread for trades.

    Please note trades here are NOT covered by Frontierville Express or it's admins. If you have any problems with trades contact an Admin and we'll do our best to resolve the situation.

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  • always looking for a hay hook (from barn coll) or pillow (from inn coll). msg me privately. ty.

  • Hi, I have a bunch of collection pieces hitting 99 and looking to trade or donate these are just some of the collections I have

    Friend me, send me a message hit me up on chat if your interested

    COW except swiss cheese


    BEAR- gives 1 animal ready boost


    APRIL FOOLS - I need fake vomit & finger traps have others to trade

    SAINT PATRICK - I need penny whistle have others to trade

    Thanks LS/

  • i am in need of the phantom pumpkin and a pinch of love to finish those 2 collections if any one can help i would greatly appreciated it! let me know what you would like in return!

  • i need:

    Brick oven collection - Pinch of love

    Trick or treat collection - Pumkin phantom

    White Buffalo Collection - Pale Bison Horn

    i want trade for this items

  • does anyone have any bear claws for the bear collection?

  • Frontier friends these are what I am looking for... Blood Berry Collection need Berries N Cream*** Flytrap Patch Collection need Green Pearl*** Pee Collection need Damp Leg*** Swan Collection need Swan Crown*** Watermelon Collection need Grilled Melon*** White Buffalo Collection need White hoof flake ***Majestic Buffalo*** Wolfnut Tree Collection need Roasted Wolfnut*** Wolfnut Brittle*** Salted wolfnut*** Wolfnut wood*** Then I need all the platinum Bank Collection! Thank you! Will trade anything else or lunches or dinners for a item :)

  • What I am looking for:

    Gnarly Sweater -Gnarly-Horned Goat Collection

    Whip -Beast O Burden Collection

    Pick Axe -Snowy Barrel Collection

    Brown Weed Spine -Tumbleweed Collection

    Bake Sale Flyer -Bulletin Board Collection

    Sheperd'#$@& Crook -Herding Dog Collection

    Moose Trophy -Hunting Dog Collection

    Bear Mascot Mask -Emporium Collection

    Powder Horn -Independence Day Collection

    Pale Bison Horn -White Buffalo Collection

    Beetle Necklace -Flytrap Patch Collection

    Green Acid -Flytrap Patch Collection

    Green Pearl -Flytrap Patch Collection

    Fly Gravestone -Flytrap Patch Collection

    Ranch Manual -Ranch Collection

    Steer Horns -Ranch Collection

    Seed Bag -Ranch Collection

    Muddy Boots -Ranch Collection

    Rat Poop -Trick or Treat Collection

    Pumpkin Phantom -Trick or Treat Collection

    Desk Bell -Travelin Bank Collection

    Bank Receipt -Travelin Bank Collection

    Banker`#$@& Collar -Travelin Bank Collection

    Thank you! Will trade any items I have or lunches or dinners for a item :) msg me privately.

  • I am looking for the pee collection if you have one please let me know and I will accept you. I have some pillows if you have the collection or part of it thank you

  • If anyone has the tricorne hat I would be willing to trade a pee collection for it. :)

  • @Christa Felcher I have a tricorne hat would really appreciate working out a trade!

  • I am DESPERATELY seeking the rescue medal from the St. Bernard Collection!! Please help, willing to trade for whatever you want!!

  • I still need Bluebells, 51 to be exact if anyone could help me out. I'll help back if I can. Thanks!

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for Sawmill Blade (from sawmill collection) and Pillows (Inn Collection). I have just about anything you can possibly want...just send me a message and maybe we can trade.

  • Looking for some bakery items, spatula, oven mitt & golden whisk, if anyone has spares, just let me know what u would like in return and hopefully we can trade :)

  • Hi Everyone, I'm looking for chili oil, truffle wreath, tall tale, Hogknocker tusk, and pig ointment. Thank you if you can help. Please send me a message

  • looking for a dog pile for weed pulling collection

  • Hi i Need Some of everything just about in my buildings.thank you in advance

  • I need the following items which are giftable, but cannot be posted on the wish list:

    A gold whisk from the bakery collection

    an oven mitt from the bakery collection

    A silver boat from the carnival collection

    a gold boat from the carnival collection

    a gold duck from the carnival collection

    i've been playing for over 2 years, I may have some old items that you need....

  • I am in desperate need of roasted peanuts from the peanut collection

  • hi level 135 need help in alot of stuff, o have lots of supplies, i play everyday, but havent played for many months i have a lot of missions and buildings to finish tyvm

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