more neighbours needed please

  • would like some more neighbours please daily player.

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  • you can add me! I tried going to your wall to send a friend request but it wouldn't let me. I play farmville and pioneer trail. Thanks, Debbie Morgan

  • Hi ! I am looking for serious daily players. I'm at level 124 and I have been with this game from it'#$@& beginning. I gripe a lot because I can't seem to get enough people that really play, so it makes it hard to do any thing. I have 17 active builds going and 4 pages of missions. I even have 1 mission/upgrade that is over a year old! That would be the bar-b-que pit. I really need more players.

  • I am looking for neighbors to help, I play everyday and help out my neighbors

  • Iam looking for new neighbors that are willing to help out and are not just for themselves.

  • Need loyal neighbors who help out even on old missions. Not at all unusual for me to go over the 50 to help out. I cannot add anyone FB banned me from even messaging anyone new. Looking forward to new friends to play with!

  • need neighbors play everyday..caught up with missions if you want to add me send me message with pt in it ty have a great day

  • I'm looking for neighbors who will help me get caught up in missions by clicking my post!! I also click after I am over my 50.