Looking for active neighbours, please add me

  • Hi

    Need more neighbours for pioneer, please add.



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  • my name is jeanette vaughn as and i will apply thanks

  • needs active friends to click posts i posted lots cant get help

  • I would like to add you to play frontierville


  • Please add but only if you are willing to help on old missions. Thank you!

  • Not enough help and I am so far behind on many missions. Please add me. Thank You !!!!

  • Looking for new neighbors.....old ones forget me once they get NEW neighbors...thanks

  • brenda mabrey add me i play almost every day

  • Add me please and put in the message its for pioneer, i am also looking for city neighbors if anyone plays thanks :)

  • New neighbors welcome

    I play numerous Zynga games, many times a day. Pioneer is just my favorite! =)

  • I play daily and would love some more active neighbors. Click after my 50 too!

  • I play daily. Please add me!

  • Looking for neighbours - preferebly people who will click to help me with my posts!! Daily player. Also play other Zynga games.

  • Inetta Alford

    Looking for some more active neighbors, I play every day. Please add me

  • I need more active neighbors :)

  • Level 164...could always use new neighbors...play daily and give beyond my 50 clicks :)

  • i need some new active players i play daily and people that will click no matter how old please add me

  • i could use some more active neighbors aswell i play everyday

  • i could really use some new neighbors i play daily im level 130 plz add me ty

  • level 152 and desperatly in need of good active neighbore that answer requests. please add me

  • add me please

  • add me level216

  • I need active neighbors please add me thanks level 178

  • Please add me

  • hi i play daily send back all what you send me for need people to to do the same thxs

  • Add me