Help with older missions PLEASE!!

  • Hello, I need lots of help with older missions I'm on level 174 but still behind! LOL please add me.

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  • Hi, I am level 120 but I have a ton of older missions that I am working on, if you still need friends. Karen Tufts

  • Hi, I've added both of you, hope you don't mind? I have quite a lot of older missions as since having a baby 4 months ago I've fallen way behind!! xx

  • Recently picked this game back up and have LOTS of old missions and buildings to complete! I only have about 7 people on my friends list who actively play, so any new friends would be much appreciated!

  • I need neighbors really bad especially those who play daily and click on the walls when out of their clicks. I don't feel level is important but I really need neighbors have been playing since day one but have had computer issues off and on so I am behind some... thanx and anyone can add me

  • I am on older missions, need a lot of help!

  • I'm working on OLD stuff too! I think I have 16 pages of missions. I will try to send you whatever you need if you put it in your wish list! I try to play daily!

  • I have a lot of old missions also will/able to help anyone for help in return

  • Howdy Pardners!

    I'm currently at level 140 and also have lots of old missions I'd like to finish. New neighbors are welcome for new and old missions! I play daily.


  • Looking for more neighbors! I have several old missions from over a year ago...I am a daily player (when the game doesn't decide to rollback...) Feel free to add me! Thanks!!!

  • Hi all,

    I am back to playing PT after a 9 months break. About half of my old friends quit, so I am in desperate need of new friends. I am level 188, daily player, usually post 3 times a day and empty my mailbox even more often. Please send me your friend requests, I have never declined a f/r so don't worry.

  • Help I'm new to facebook and to pioneer trail

  • Hi everyone that play in Pioneer Trail.

    I play in Pioneer Trail too. I am very far behind tho. I have a lot of old and new missions to do. I have a lot of buildings that need to be built too. I need a lot of help and I need everything that there is to be needed. I am trying to do this and get this built like everyone else is doing too. I need a lot of help tho. Please add me. I send all of my request back everyday all day and night. I play 21 hrs daily everyday. I have other names that play under too. I can help you a lot too.

  • Please add me. I need a lot of help on this name. I play 21 hrs daily. I will help you too.

  • Hi I recently started playing PT again after having a break. Am level 92 and so far behind with my missions. Could really do with a few neighbors so please add me. :)

  • I have about 20 pages of missions and am trying to get them all done. I need new neighbors that are still playing and willing to help out with older missions, please feel free to add me

  • need lots of help on older missions after recently picking the game back up

  • Lots of old missions ,play daily, feel free to add me.

  • Lots of old missions ,play daily, add me pls.

  • I have tons of old missions to complete, recently started playing again. Please help.

  • Add me please I recently started playing again and have so many old missions

  • Have older missions needing help with. Add me :) level 63!

  • Hello I am trying to catch up with older missions too. Please add me, thanks. I am at level 121

  • Have lots of older missions, can't get caught up need help, please add me I need all the friends I can get. I play almost everyday and always help when needed. I'm level 208 Thanks.

  • ayone on here posting wrapping tape from old xmasmissions