add me please

  • please add me I am west coast and play 1 to 2 times daily :)

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  • please add me thanks

  • I play several times a day. current with missions and I return items ask for through friends list..I will will help with missions, especially if I am out of clicks and I see posts...and even if I have clicks and someone needs an item to finish a mission and requests it that way...I will help if not enough have replied to finish. always need loyal friends. I don't belong to any groups or use what some classify as cheating.

  • Please add me

  • Please add me a daily all day player. I return requests multiple times during the day. I have lots of old missions including repeats, partner animals and such that I can help with. Most of my playing friends have stopped so looking for new active players. I refuse to use any kind of cheat and expect the same. I believe this is just a game and not a competition.