Add Me Board Levels 51-100

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  • Add me board for anyone around levels 51-100 looking for neighbours of the same level.

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  • Level 60+, wall crawl after clicks are gone and play every day.

  • add me please i play every day and all day thanks

  • Add me please :)

  • add me plz....i play daily homebound so im on and off all day

  • Add me too please I am level 94 and have 15 pages of missions that I can't complete most of my friends quit playing maybe have 10 friends that play.

  • please add me !!! i will always support you...

  • I'm at level 96- but have pages and pages of missions and 20+ buildings to complete- please add me- message me and let me know its for this and i will add you to that list. thanks!

  • # ## Looking for new neighbours and friends who play daily and post often. I have been playing since day one! :) I return all requests, clicks, etc. and help as much as I can. :D My level is "unknown", and I would like neighbours from any level. Can't wait to hear from you!

  • I'm level 76 almost 77, I'm looking for some new friends to help out with my missions trying to get caught up. Please only active players. I need friends that click on posts and send back help requests, I always send them back and click on posts daily. Hope to be your new friend soon :) Thank you

  • Lvl 125 with alot of open older missions still LOOKING ONLY FOR HELPERS BECAUSE I HELP ~

  • I put my PT on hiatus so I could finish my Associates. I am over a year and a half behind. Any help would be amazing. I help out even after reward clicks are completed.

  • Just cleared my friends and neighbors list of 300 non players. I am looking to make new friends and neighbors. Please feel free to add me. I am level 139 but will help anyone on any level. Thanks. Play daily, respond to direct requests, and do wall crawls as much as possible with work.

  • I need neighbors really bad especially those who play daily and click on the walls when out of their clicks. I don't feel level is important but I really need neighbors have been playing since day one but have had computer issues off and on so I am behind some... thanx and anyone can add me

  • I'm an upper level player who is looking for neighbors who need help, I play every day 2 to 3 times and return all requests. add me if you need a good neighbor :)

  • add me please!!

  • Was at level 125 but started a new account which means I'm starting over on Pioneer Trail. Looking for some good, active neighbors to help. Thanks.

  • Hi everyone, I am just starting with the game & I am currently lvl 52. If you are working on all the older missions etc pls feel free to add me. Thanks

  • Add me please. Just started playing again. Daily player with a LOT of old missions.

  • Add me please... I'm level 59 and play everyday... Thank you!!

  • Hi everyone still playing daily & still looking for some other neighbors working on all the older missions like me. Please add me I'm currently lvl 60 thanks so much

  • Looking for friends. Play everyday

  • Please add. Play most days - lvl 60 (or level {3} as Zynga calls it ... )

  • add me. old missions and new

  • Please add me....... I play daily and will always send help and answer requests...... :)

  • wanted........... new neighbors , i play daily ! level 96 , i have alot of old missions , so i need lots of help . so please add me .... thanks !

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