Add Me Board - Levels 201+

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  • Add me board for VIP members over level 200 looking for neighbours of the same level.

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  • I need new neighbours please

  • I am level 200. New friends/neighbours are always welcome. Thank you.

  • daily player looking to to build.

  • daily i love the give and take of this game ,when played that way ...i need some good neighbors who are willing to help and be helped ....ADD ME

  • Daily player need new friends/neighbors please.

  • karen anderson miller please add me

  • mary black ...please add me

  • micheal fortenberry....please add me

  • noreen please add me thank you ...sharon

  • I need new neighbours mine have taken the Totems and gone to the hills..

  • Daily regular. Just working on the totems and the new mission.

  • New neighbors welcome here.

  • I'm a daily player at level 200. Only have current missions to work on. Need new neighbors that are also on current missions (most of my neighbors are a year behind on missions and that leaves me very few wall posts to click on :) ) I also click after 50 and hope to find neighbors that do the same!

  • Hello....daily active player...always return gifts and always help out where I can once I am out of my 50 clicks. Finding that many people are leaving the game once again and need great PT friend/neighbors. VIP Player. Though working on current missions always willing to help out where I can when I can :)

  • On current missions and looking for neighbors over level 200 and pretty current on the missions. Thanks!

  • Add me... level 467 LMAO... addict!!!!!

  • New neighbors revitalize my game! Daily player; level 210. Look forward to playing with you!

  • Lvl 208 and always looking for new neighbors, please add me thanks

  • need new neighbors please because some of mine have stopped playing or none existant no more. lvl 206

  • Am an addict. Would be level 290 if i was VIP, but nope. Add me if you are an active player. Look forward to meeting you

  • Daily player need new friends/neighbors please.Level 201 need help with old and new quests , Please & Thank you

  • Level 218 always looking for active neighbors who do not use any cheats. Thanks

  • Add me, daily player :)

    Level 250!

  • need new neighbors please because some of mine have stopped playing or none existant no more. lvl 215

  • daily player level 203

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