Add Me Board - Levels 151-200

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  • Add me board for anyone around levels 151-200 looking for neighbours of the same level.

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  • i am level 183 and working on current missions

  • in need of extra players for help with these missions...i enjoy playing, and helping others..thanks

  • I play every day .you can add me if you want

  • If you need a daily player you are welcome to add me i am lvl 193

  • Level 154, play a lot every day. Add me if you wish.

  • Anyone is welcome to add me lvl 200

  • Level 200 play all days. Add me if you wish.

  • I am a level 189 and on the current missions. I usually complete missions before new ones come out or shortly after. Add me for a good neighbor that does Wall Crawls and clicks a bunch when out of rewards

  • Level 163 here, play several times a day. Looking for people who play daily, add me. :D

  • Level 200 Always looking for new neighbors please add me

  • I'm level 152. Add me if you wish. I am also working on some old missions.

  • I'm level 179 - looking for daily players. :)

  • Looking for neighbors. I'm a daily player at Level 200. Am current on missions.

  • Add me. lvl 179 and luckily on current missions :-)

  • Always looking for new daily players, Add me! I play,gift and help daily, Thanks!

  • Please add me.... I am level 175, and play daily.... Thank you..

  • I am level on links when out of clicks for the day......and only have the current missions going but glad to help out those who need it

  • I am level 200, play daily, and usually do not have a mission backlog so mostly help with current missions until out of clicks for the day.

  • level 186 play several times a day add me need friends and neighbours who play .... i answer all requests

  • Level 177...daily player and on current missions..Always glad to have new neighbors that actually play. Thanks

  • I am daily player level 195 add me please.

  • Daily player.....Please add me......Will help you too

  • Level 170 I am a daily player probably four times a day lol I have lost a lot of neighbours who have given up the game so really need lots me I send all requests and gift daily too :)

  • I sleep 6-8 hours a day. Guess what I do the rest of the time! Level 200 and post 4x a day. Current with missions.

  • play daily feel free to add me

    lv 161

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