Add Me Board Levels 101-150

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  • Add me board for anyone around levels 101-150 looking for neighbours of the same level.

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  • A

  • play dailey,,,behind in some missions and buikdings need neighbors!!

  • Am on level 151 , have older missions to complete , play daily ! Need more friends , thank you !

  • Denise Dawson Greaves Lee

  • libby carter marshall in the 170'#$@&

  • level 146 play daily

  • PLEASE ADD ME , mostly need players for envelope help but I always help when I can , I play several times a day , I am just about to hit level 115....TY

  • Need some new neightbours level 111. I do older missions and buildings that I am working on.

  • Please add me, I'm at level 145 and play daily. I respond to all direct requests and as many wall posts as I can get to.

  • Please add me ! Daily player, level 117, I need to do a lot of catching up! I send things daily!

  • Please add me - Daily player - Level 125 - Falling further and further behind in missions and building...

  • I am so far behind on buildings and missions. I need players that don't mind clicking. I play at least two times a day. Thanks And I am level 136

  • Level 125 Daily player (sometimes many times a day). If you send me a request I always reply. I answer as many wall feeds as I can when I have a chance to see them. I have so many missions unfinished and don't seem to get but 2 or 3 of any item I ask for. My direct request never seem to be answered. I need major help. If you something right away and you see me online I will help you all I can. Look forward to having you as new neighbors.

  • Please add me. Daily player and gift giver. I have sooooo many missions to finish I need your help and I'll help you too.

  • I am on level 115

  • I am at level 109. I have several old missions I am behind on. I still have a Halloween one from 2 years ago trying to earn a broom. Requires 150 broom bristles and I am not even 1/2 way there as I need my requests for the more current missions. I am going to have to request at least 5 times each for the next month to even get it as other missions and

    several buildings need finished. I will take any help I can get.

  • I'm level 119 and I will take as many new neighbors as I can get! The missions are SWAMPING me and I'm sure YOU! Add me and let'#$@& get caught up!!

  • Level 129. I am loosing neighbors weekly, need lots more for old missions for requests. Daily player and visit neighbors. I collect to 50 and daily click on all over-2-week-old posts after 50.~~ I do not add new neighbors-- I leave that up to you. I accept all received---I cannot send n/r, so please send those as well.

  • I play daily. Level 123. I have old missions and need more friends for requests. I will accept all.

  • Level 114. Daily player. I am just getting back into the game after stopping 12 months ago, so I'm currently behind in a lot of quests. I click after my 50 for the day have expired, but mainly need assistance with the sending of items rather than wall clicking. Please send a message stating Frontierville friend

  • you can add me i play everyday when i am not working thanks

  • Feel free to add me. Daily player level 110. I usually don't get online until the evening after work. I am behind on tons of missions but am not stressing over it. I will finish them when I finish them. I just like having missions to do unlike how it was in the beginning of the game when we waited weeks for new missions. I reply to all requests sent to me(doesn't seem to be much these days despite all of the neighbors I thought I had). I send a free gift everyday to everyone that appears in my list. I also created a facebook group just for a few people to help each other get through some of these missions. It currently only has myself and one other person in it but the smaller the better. I would like to have a few more people in the group that is willing to click each others requests before anyone elses. Send me a message if you would like to join the small group and help out a few fellow frmers

  • Feel free to add me. Daily player level 146 :)

  • feel free to add me could always use more active players im on lv 105 thanks

  • Feel free add me on here I play daily on here on level 187

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